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It’s officially 2018 – and with a new year brings so much sparkly NEWness. NEW season, NEW colors, NEW fabrics, NEW styles! So much NEW is coming your way and, my goodness, does it feel like a breath of fresh air to me!

I’ve always believed Spring was more than just flowers, it’s filled with the magic of LIFE. Spring brings rain, gardens, and all the magical things! Everything goes into this sleepy gray slumber over the Winter and when Spring rolls around, it’s like everything wakes up! It’s a Harry Potter kind-of magic that I’ve always believed in since I was a kid. My dad really encouraged me to believe in, well, whatever I wanted to believe in. So in Spring, as soon as the snow cleared up and the grass began peeking behind the old crunchy leaves, we would always look for fairies. Every bug I saw could magically transform into a pixie in my mind. From dragonflies to lady bugs, these weren’t just little critters to me, they were little magical beings that only Spring would bring!  

My first Spring release. It’s around the corner. Do you know how nervous I am? Do you know how EXCITED I am? Denise and I always said “Spring is easy, Fall’s the tough one.” I can honestly say that was NOT true for me when I began designing Spring last April. I’ve referred to Spring as a ‘labor of love’ for a million reasons, but for one, I just had a baby! And two, I spent so many hours crying, trashing everything and starting over, over and over. Gosh I know that sounds dramatic, but heck, it WAS dramatic. If you’ve had a baby (we’re all mamas here, right?!), you know that you’re feelings are all out of whack, and everything is emphasized, so I tried my best to use those crazy emotions and put them into my designs. And like I said, I had to scrap the plan and start over a few times…but the result is something I am 100% proud of. 

I wanted you to really FEEL the difference from Fall to Spring, so I started with a fresh batch of colors. For the first time like, ever, I really wanted to use clean, bright colors…colors that screamed happiness to me! I usually lean towards what I like to call ‘dirty shades’ but not this time. I wanted lemon-y yellow to give an early nod to Easter; I wanted pearly blue dots to provide a sweet balance to all of the bright POPS, and I wanted your gal to squeal with delight upon seeing the blushing pinks and dashes of coral. 

The colors are fresh and inviting, but the prints – they capture that MAGIC I was going on and on about. Whimsical novelties are heavy in this one, and why shouldn’t they be?! Spring brings out the best in nature, people, and PRINTS! Every bit of it makes me grin from ear to ear. 

Sooooo…have you ever had one of those days? You know the days, the ones where the sun is just SHINING and everything seems to go your way!? And you show your friends love and they show it right back and honestly it just feels like the whole world makes sense?! The last year has shown me so much about myself, my family, and my team, and what I realized is I have the best day ever…all the time! How lucky is that? 

Back in August, Caroline (Creative Director) and I went to Andrea’s (Creative Strategist) wedding. She was insanely stunning, the decor was gorgeous, and the whole event felt like something out of a dream. A year before, I could never have imagined making a good enough friend to A.) be invited to her wedding, B.) to travel to Wisconsin to attend this wedding (first time leaving Margo even!), and C.) feel ALL the FEELS because…dang, I love her! I was surrounded by love at every corner! Caroline and I couldn’t believe how emotional we felt watching this gal say “I do,” but..we did. That night we were taking too many photo booth photos and I grabbed this sign to snap a pic with, and on that sign it said in big bold letters…BEST DAY EVER. That sign was the SIGN we needed! Caroline looked at me and I looked at her, and we both knew what the other was thinking (we always do). We had a name for Spring. It was perfect and it captured everything that Spring is, and everything our team is to me. 

All I know is I wanted to bottle up all those good vibes and pour them into one happy-go-lucky collection. I wanted to show you what I think it looks like to have the BEST DAY EVER. Maybe, just maybe, it will give you all the feels, too –  a reminder of one of your most joyful times, or maybe it will just add an extra dose of sweetness to your gal’s wardrobe! 

Last year, I feel like the girls and I took on the world! And honestly had the greatest time doing it. What will this year bring? What new challenges will we face as a team?! All I know is that one thing is for sure… 

We are going to have the BEST DAY EVER doing it. 


When I think back to January 7th, it feels like a dream. Lynn, owner, founder, and designer for Kelly’s Kids and Eleanor Rose, walks in my office, shuts the door, and says – “I want to start a new company, and I want you to design…whatever you design for it!” Maybe that’s not verbatim, but you get my drift. My non-compete was officially up and I was free, and she was giving me the chance of a lifetime. I remember crying. I remember discussing names she’d been thinking of for the brand. All of this happened in about ten minutes. That’s Lynn, she’s not only a fast talker, but a quick dreamer too. And when she believes in something, it makes you believe in it too! 

 I remember the rush of excitement I felt in every bone of my body…I was going to get to design again! Heck, I was going to create a brand with girls that had become my best friends over the past year. What?!

Flash forward to March. 100’s of sketches and what felt like thousands of fabrics later, four releases of our first collection, Written in the Stars, were designed. And not 2 days later, I had a baby! That’s where for the first time, I felt like I was drowning. I started spiraling, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t do it all. But then I remembered, oh ya, I don’t HAVE to do it all. That’s NOT the first time my team picked up the slack, but it was the first time I really let go and watched them take care of me. It was humbling and it was truly inspiring to see my girls blossom!

I wish I could say that was the sole instance, but that would be a lie. I need help more than most, I bet. There are days, okay, I’ll be honest, WEEKS, when I don’t think I’m good enough. I’m not a creative enough designer, a mature enough leader, or a present enough mother. When these thoughts become louder than I can stand, that’s when my girls step in and take the reigns.  

My girls, they rally – for me, for a good cause, you name it. They’ll be in my office faster than you can say “Sunshine Search” –  sitting hot cross applesauce on the floor, surrounding me, while I cry because I’m uncertain or I’m 2 hours deep into lurking other brands, feeling like…why do I even try?! They know why I try. They put all the pieces back into place and show me perspective. I’d be lost without my girls. 

Flash forward to July. Our first conference! 17 women flew to Austin from all over the country. I know the number 17 sounds small, but goodness it felt big to me then. These overqualified and utterly beautiful women all hopped on the Wildflowers train without even seeing the clothes in person! They didn’t just hop on, they held tight, and didn’t let go, let me tell you! The first group of Consultants will always hold a special place in my heart and our Wildflowers story. 

Flash forward to August. Our first release. I don’t think I slept the night before preview Pop-Up Parties started. It was Christmas Eve x 10000000. And y’all liked it! I mean, some of you even seemed to love it! And each month just got better and better. Y’all especially liked September, I think – and that made the team so stoked because that was hands down everyone’s favorite (of course, each release is my favorite hehe). I read the comments, learned from the feedback, and my head may have even grown a size or 2 with each compliment I read! I KNOW I cried more than a few times seeing your babies in our frocks at school, at recitals, at daddy/daughter dances, and more…

Flash forward to now…. on the heels of Spring. So much to learn and appreciate from the past and so much to look forward to in the future. We have 4 more releases on the way for you. The first half designed with baby Margo on my lap and all designed with her in my mind. The colors are fresh and bright, a real contrast to the gray days the seemingly endless Winter brings. Can’t wait to show you more. 

Ahh, what a year! We did giveaways, we tried out custom dresses as a hostess benefit, we tried new styles and fabrications, learned from the good and the bad, and I truly feel like we wrapped up this season better as a brand and better as a family. I know at the end of the day we may just be a ‘girls clothing company’ but to me, this year and these people have shown me how much more we can be! As we grow, I hope we can remember this time as a small, tight team of 8. A tiny team that works SO hard on everything we touch and never gives up! Even when it feels like, what’s the point? Because when one of us feels like that, the rest of us will rally. 

None of these moments or these genuinely amazing feelings would have happened without the support of our people. That’s you guys!! I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2018 together. Right now I’m just hoping you love Spring and that we can continue to do some really great things with Seeds of Hope. Not too much to ask, right?!

Okay, now just because I wanna say it… That’s a wrap!! 



Just 6 more days until Christmas. I can’t believe it! Where did time go this year?! Ahhh…so much fun was had, so many friends were made, and there’s still soooo much to look forward to!


…like meeting another round of our newest Consultants! These lovely ladies will be joining the Wildflowers family this Spring. Make sure to give them a warm Wildflowers welcome! 

And that’s a wrap on our growing family this season! I cannot wait to meet all ya’ll at our Spring conference IN LESS THAN A MONTH!



It’s that time again! Time to welcome another batch of blooming wildflowers to our team! And you know what that means? That our first Spring release is truly just around the corner… Ya know, after all this wonderful holiday business is over!

Stay tuned next week to meet the other half of our new team members!


You guys!! It was amazing seeing all your votes, shares, comments, and support for all of these unique and special little sunshines! 

While it was a VERY close call…we do have one lucky winner! 

Meet Callye, our little Miss Sunshine! We are over the moon to host you and your mama here in Austin this Spring. Be on the lookout for this cutie in our photo shoot for the last release of our Spring season. 

I gotta say it just one more time… Thank you all so much for taking part in our first ever Sunshine Search! Hopefully this is something we can try and do each season. How great would that be?! 


Wow. WOOOOOW. What can I say, this was the toughest thing I’ve done in a while…and I birthed a baby and a brand in the same year! So before you go wild voting, let me take a second and say THANK YOU. Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing your darling daughters with us. Thank you for the time you spent writing her super star qualities, and all the vibrant details that make her truly one in a billion! While I wish we could have picked every single ball of sunshine that rolled through our inbox, I feel so happy and proud of the little ladies we chose!

Okay, now go ahead, take a look at these little miss sunshines… And try your best to vote for your FAVORITE! Trust me, it’s gonna be tough. Plus, only one vote per IP address (aka computer screen), so take your time and make it count!

Good luck everybody!! <3



Sometimes when we’re quiet, it just means we’re thinking…

Not too shabby, right!? We have been planning and postponing this contest all season long, ever since a certain little Facebook group POPPED the idea in my brain! We have no lack of ideas or creativity around here, it always just boils down to manpower and time. Oh time, how you’re always slipping through my finger tips…

ANYWAY! I can’t wait to see your little flowers flood our inbox! And I can’t wait to meet the special duo that gets to hang with us, see me jump around like a fool for the perfect shot, and stuff our faces with delicious Austin cuisine afterwards!! 


PS. The first person that says ‘Sunshine Search’ 10x fast AND posts a video to our FB will win a little something! I know it’s silly, but dang that’s hard to say! 

And just like that, we’re half way through November. Time is flying these days and I need constant reminders to stop and smell the roses…

But who’s got time for sniffing flowers when there’s custom dresses to make, nifty giftys to send out, our first Spring photo shoot on Thursday, and about 50 colors split between two palettes I can’t decide on for next fall. Yep, Fall 2018 is proving itself to be a little trickier than I imagined. It’s hard. Like really, really hard sometimes. I know I make it look just terribly easy (please read that with a heavy dose of sarcasm), but the pressure is on. I had to make Spring 2018 better than Fall 2017 and now Fall 2018 has to be better than them both. How can one person keep outdoing themselves?! I don’t know, but these are the thoughts constantly twisting in my brain. 

Anyway… Holiday is here (you’re like duh Sam, it’s been out for over a week)! So what did you think? A little funky, right?! I stepped out of my casual comfort zone and into a festive and fancy state of mind! There are so many little details that make it special to me. I have a list of things I was wondering if you noticed…

  1. Did you see the pink partridges?! I love traditional holiday novelties (and birds!) so I definitely wanted to give a nod to the 12 Days of a Christmas tune, but it wouldn’t be Wildflowers without a spoonful of whimsy! So I colored those little birdies Powder Pink and tossed them with blooming roses and seasonal foliage. You’ll find these sweet tweets flittering on the skirt of the Christmas Card Dress.
  2. Sparkle buddies! These shiny mirror like buttons are some of my favorites from the past. Denise and I always saved these for the most special designs, so choosing them for holiday was a no brainer! ‘Eye spy’ them on the Jolly Pinafore Top, the Keepsake Tunic, and of course, both of the Hostess Exclusive items! 
  3. Velvet is everywhere right now. Come on, we both know we want those jewel toned velvet boots or those solid velvet shift dresses! Well, I wanted velvet for your kiddos too, but I also know this fabric can be a little grown up looking. So I decided to go with a soft stretchy knit velour instead! This fabric is known for it’s lux shine, making whatever color it is almost multidimensional. The deep harbor blue velour bodice on the Good Tidings Ballet Dress took this frock to a whole new level! And the Hey Jude Flares are the pants my dreams are made of. Where is my size?!
  4. Reverse, reverse! I think by now you might have noticed I LOVE to make stuff reversible. More bang for your buck if you ask me! So take a gander at the Tinsel Vest, flip it to one side for a velvet dotted ‘upholstery’ fabric or turn it around for that dazzling navy floral that’s featured on the Winter Waltz and the Mandy Dress. 
  5. Tulle touches for days! I love tulle. LOVE it. I don’t think it’s ALWAYS the right fabrication though, it’s gotta be saved from the right moment and the right season. I decided to take this soft mesh fabric and sprinkle it about some old favorites (hello Poinsettia Clara😍) and also add it to some new styles like the Keepsake Tunic (my fave), the polar express jacket, and tucked beneath the tiers of the Good tidings Dress! 
  6. Sentimental silhouettes… A few months ago (back in…April I think?) I was designing holiday, just had a baby, and I was spending a lot of time thinking about all the mama’s who have inspired me over the years. Of course Denise is at the top of that list, but there have been so many wonderful ladies I’ve met over the years that have made an everlasting impact on me as well. The women who followed me from one dream to another, supported me regardless of the brand I was working for. During this time, I couldn’t help but think of Mandy. If you knew her— lucky you! She was too funny, too thoughtful, and gone TOO soon. While I didn’t know her as well as SO many did, I felt her loss immensely. And I know that New Years Eve will never be the same. I know it’s not much, but I designed the Mandy dress in her honor. So when you grab it this season (and heck, anytime of year!) think about the silly cat lady that would do just about anything to make you laugh. Think about friendships you’ve made over children’s clothes. And think about all the happy you can spread in this world of ours, just like she did! 

Alright, time to go cross something off this ever growing list of mine! I’ll be blaring the new TSWIFT if anybody needs me… 😉



It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Well, technically it’s still 2 months away…but around here we are in full on holiday mode! With Pop-Up Parties starting TODAY, we have so much to be cheerful about, don’t you think!? Our 4th and final release of Written in the Stars is here! I honestly can’t believe it. I never thought August 1st would get here and now I’m on the verge of waving goodbye to our first Wildflowers Collection, ever. How does time go so fast and so slow all at the same time? Does anyone know the answer to that??

When I started designing the 4th release, I wanted to make sure it was geared towards all the fun holiday activities that come along with this splendid season! I think there’s something for everyone and every occasion, from Christmas cards to fancy holiday shows and everything in between. I started with your typical green and red palette and slowly shifted the shades from bright tango red to this sweet pink toned Sangria and my green morphed into a deep jewel toned blue-green that felt so luxurious and bold to me. Of course I couldn’t just use those two gorgeous colors so I threw in Peridot for a more traditional shade of green, and used Twilight Blue, Powder Pink, and Chateau Rose from the 3rd release to balance it all out. I wanted to make sure there were items that could be worn past the season too, so you’ll see a few navy based items, abstract Christmas tree prints and so much more! 

One of my absolute favorite items is the Lala Tiny Dancer Top. This simple knit little number features retro starburst print on the bodice and an adorable vintage ornament print on the skirt. Back in March when I found this ornament fabric I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into my first holiday release. You see, my old design partner and best friend, Denise, was 100% over the top during the holidays! I mean, the moment December was here she couldn’t think of anything else besides 1.) shopping, 2.) decorating, and 3.) spoiling those around her like CRAZY. All month long we would spend a couple of hours working in the AM, then we’d hit up Target, Big Lots, William Sonoma, Von Maur, and all the other randoms stores on her list… Always on the hunt for the PERFCT gifts and the PERFECT ornaments for each and every person coming to her annual Christmas Extravaganza. This was her favorite time of year and she made it mine, too. I grew up not loving Christmas so when I began working with Denise so many years ago, she really opened my eyes up to all the wonderful things the season truly could be! And ever since then I’ve had this ever-growing LOVE for the season and also this ever-growing ornament collection that I add to every year! All thanks to her. Gosh, I have so much…so so much…all thanks to her. Anyway… 

In honor of Denise and the joy she spread each and every Holiday season, we decided to do some joy spreading of our own—introducing the 12 days of Nifty Giftys! Every day during our Preview Pop-Up Parties we will be posting on Instagram a cutie sneak of our 4th release with a fun question to answer! At the end of each day we’ll pick someone randomly to win a little nifty gifty! It could be some buttons or trims or fabrics or a messenger bag or..or..or.. something fun and something special, picked just for you! Heck, you might even get a little note with my terrible handwriting all over it! Haha, I hope that doesn’t discourage you from playing along?!

I’ll end this where I always do…I can’t believe any of this! I can’t believe you all allowed me to design for your gals…again! What a freaking honor it is!! And as I stare at Spring Pre-production samples across the room, I just cross my fingers and my toes that I can keeping making fun, youthful, and fabulous styles to dress your little ladies in! 



Let me just tell ya this, last Friday was the best day ever.

On a whim, Caroline brought up the Magnolia Silos last Tuesday. You know, the place Chip and Joanna Gaines totally redid in Waco, Texas! Well for the past two years they’ve thrown this epic art fair/concert—the Silobration! Artists and vendors from all over the country show up with their wares, ready to settle into the long, hot, wonderful weekend ahead! We started lurking hashtags on Instagram and blogs from the past years’ Silborations and we decided it sounded too good to miss! 

Well, I mean, we obviously missed the opportunity to have a booth..but what would we have done with a booth anyway!? I guess I could have given out sweaty hugs, and Kate could have taken photos and maybe we could have just had an epic dress up booth!? Ahh…I guess I’ll just put that in my back pocket for next year?! 

ANYWAY, Waco is basically in our backyard and we couldn’t find a reason not to go! And Miss Caroline had the gold star idea, AGAIN. She goes, “why don’t we go and just randomly hand out dresses?!” She knew I was on board before the question fell out of her mouth. We bounced around the office spreading the word— we were going to the Silos on Friday INSTEAD of the office. We were SO excited. The *short* countdown to SILOBRATION, MISSION: SPREAD THE LOVE began! 

Now for a quick confession, I have never watched Fixer Upper. Even back in the day when Denise and I would get screenshots of Joanna’s girls wearing our designs on the show, we never really hopped on the Fixer Upper train! But stepping into the Silos, I totally get the fascination with their talent, that’s for sure. Wow. It’s just a beautiful space! And filled with the friendliest of faces! You could just tell the whole establishment was a huge labor of love and I felt so lucky to bask in the beautiful event they cultivated. 

We packed up 27 outfits and dresses to hand out and hit the road early Friday AM. Our plan was just to walk up to Mama’s with little girls, and surprise them with a WF package! All the mama’s were so gracious and excited. Some stared at me like I was trying to sell them something at first, which was so funny to me, but I just kept nervously talking and eventually I spit out the fact that I just wanted to GIVE them a dress! There were lots of hugs shared and a few photos, too! We even met a little girl from Austin that we invited to our first Spring 2018 photoshoot that’s taking place later this November. 

We bought hats, tee’s that said howdy, plants, art, and even a mountain of brisket nachos. Margo turned heads everywhere she went in her first-ever Wildflowers outfit and honestly, spreading the love of Wildflowers felt better than I could have imagined. With each person I walked up to, I felt the same butterflies of nervousness build up, but every time I walked away the smile I had was bigger than before and that feeling is simply unmatched!! I love Wildflowers. I love our team, the clothes, the connections, the adventures we’ve had and will have… I love what we’ve built and I can’t believe I’m a part of it! Thank you all for allowing us to do what we we love! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and friends, and especially those who take the time to host shows with our Consultants. I know it means the world to them (and us all!) that you invite them into your homes to share Wildflowers and support their growing independent business. 

We wanted to find a way to thank our hostesses with the mostest-ess, so we decided that this next release we’re gonna do something a little different! Release 4 Pop-Up Parties kick off next week and there will be not one but TWO hostess only items available…

Introducing The Polar Express Jacket and Sweet Celebration Dress looking extra fabulous on Vivi, one of our silliest little models!

Last but not least, I need to pick the winners from last weeks post!! Will JAMIE JACKSON, KATHLEEN RITTER, and HEATHER ROCHELLE MARTIN please email Andrea at She will help get those cute messenger bags in your hands!