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Team Love

Just 6 more days until Christmas. I can’t believe it! Where did time go this year?! Ahhh…so much fun was had, so many friends were made, and there’s still soooo much to look forward to!


…like meeting another round of our newest Consultants! These lovely ladies will be joining the Wildflowers family this Spring. Make sure to give them a warm Wildflowers welcome! 

And that’s a wrap on our growing family this season! I cannot wait to meet all ya’ll at our Spring conference IN LESS THAN A MONTH!



It’s that time again! Time to welcome another batch of blooming wildflowers to our team! And you know what that means? That our first Spring release is truly just around the corner… Ya know, after all this wonderful holiday business is over!

Stay tuned next week to meet the other half of our new team members!


Let me just tell ya this, last Friday was the best day ever.

On a whim, Caroline brought up the Magnolia Silos last Tuesday. You know, the place Chip and Joanna Gaines totally redid in Waco, Texas! Well for the past two years they’ve thrown this epic art fair/concert—the Silobration! Artists and vendors from all over the country show up with their wares, ready to settle into the long, hot, wonderful weekend ahead! We started lurking hashtags on Instagram and blogs from the past years’ Silborations and we decided it sounded too good to miss! 

Well, I mean, we obviously missed the opportunity to have a booth..but what would we have done with a booth anyway!? I guess I could have given out sweaty hugs, and Kate could have taken photos and maybe we could have just had an epic dress up booth!? Ahh…I guess I’ll just put that in my back pocket for next year?! 

ANYWAY, Waco is basically in our backyard and we couldn’t find a reason not to go! And Miss Caroline had the gold star idea, AGAIN. She goes, “why don’t we go and just randomly hand out dresses?!” She knew I was on board before the question fell out of her mouth. We bounced around the office spreading the word— we were going to the Silos on Friday INSTEAD of the office. We were SO excited. The *short* countdown to SILOBRATION, MISSION: SPREAD THE LOVE began! 

Now for a quick confession, I have never watched Fixer Upper. Even back in the day when Denise and I would get screenshots of Joanna’s girls wearing our designs on the show, we never really hopped on the Fixer Upper train! But stepping into the Silos, I totally get the fascination with their talent, that’s for sure. Wow. It’s just a beautiful space! And filled with the friendliest of faces! You could just tell the whole establishment was a huge labor of love and I felt so lucky to bask in the beautiful event they cultivated. 

We packed up 27 outfits and dresses to hand out and hit the road early Friday AM. Our plan was just to walk up to Mama’s with little girls, and surprise them with a WF package! All the mama’s were so gracious and excited. Some stared at me like I was trying to sell them something at first, which was so funny to me, but I just kept nervously talking and eventually I spit out the fact that I just wanted to GIVE them a dress! There were lots of hugs shared and a few photos, too! We even met a little girl from Austin that we invited to our first Spring 2018 photoshoot that’s taking place later this November. 

We bought hats, tee’s that said howdy, plants, art, and even a mountain of brisket nachos. Margo turned heads everywhere she went in her first-ever Wildflowers outfit and honestly, spreading the love of Wildflowers felt better than I could have imagined. With each person I walked up to, I felt the same butterflies of nervousness build up, but every time I walked away the smile I had was bigger than before and that feeling is simply unmatched!! I love Wildflowers. I love our team, the clothes, the connections, the adventures we’ve had and will have… I love what we’ve built and I can’t believe I’m a part of it! Thank you all for allowing us to do what we we love! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and friends, and especially those who take the time to host shows with our Consultants. I know it means the world to them (and us all!) that you invite them into your homes to share Wildflowers and support their growing independent business. 

We wanted to find a way to thank our hostesses with the mostest-ess, so we decided that this next release we’re gonna do something a little different! Release 4 Pop-Up Parties kick off next week and there will be not one but TWO hostess only items available…

Introducing The Polar Express Jacket and Sweet Celebration Dress looking extra fabulous on Vivi, one of our silliest little models!

Last but not least, I need to pick the winners from last weeks post!! Will JAMIE JACKSON, KATHLEEN RITTER, and HEATHER ROCHELLE MARTIN please email Andrea at She will help get those cute messenger bags in your hands!



I want to tell you all about how our October photo shoot was my favorite yet. I want to tell you how thankful I am for all the amazing feedback I’ve heard on this release so far. And I want to tell you that ya’ll make my heart sing, because ya truly do. 

But first, I gotta say…despite release day, despite all the love sent our way, yesterday I was heartbroken. Heartbroken because of how senseless the horrific acts in Las Vegas were, heartbroken because of the mamas out there that lost their babies, and heartbroken because of the babies out there that lost their mamas. It took everything in me to get out of bed and go into the office. I couldn’t bear to leave Margo, so I packed up that sleepy baby and brought her with me. I couldn’t let her go! I’ve always been an empathetic girl, sensitive to a fault perhaps. Feeling ALL the feelings was just part of my core…but being a mama now myself, something in me could not shake this…CANNOT shake this. How do we heal after something like this? What can I say? Nothing more powerful, or thoughtful, than what has already been said, right? I just don’t know. I’m not trying to strike a movement here, I just know that we are all shaking our heads and asking the same questions…

The only thing I know how to do is to continue being a light in all this darkness. Sounds a little cheesy or maybe even ‘too simple’ of a response, but this is all I know. And this is something I promise to do. I won’t let myself drown in the worry, the broken heartedness (that we’re all feeling), or the fear. Or evil has won. And we have too many Wildflowers in this world to let that happen. I know might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but I also know that these frocks put smiles on so many faces…so that’s gotta count for something! 

Okay, now I want to take a deep breath and change focus, for now… Time to spread some of that light I’ve been talking about! 

And boy OH BOY, did October bring smiles. More than I can count (I’m a designer, not a math teacher, guys)! The love affair started in March when our team got their first look at what I had up my sleeve, but it didn’t end there! From first samples to receiving styles in correct fabrics the day that our Consultant Conference began, to photo shoots with my tiny but mighty team to bawling our eyes out and watching the final October video (over and over and over and over), we’ve had a crush on this pink and blue release for what feels like forever now.

I mean, there are a million things that make October special. The colors…I have never used such a tight, jewel-y toned palette before. The styles?! The reversible jumper was and IS my favorite style I’ve designed so far (of course this is subject to change, hehe). NEW fabrics…PLAID. Need I say more?! Sweater rib?!!! I would do anything to have those leggings in my size. And kitty appliqués, are you serious!? So glad Lynn suggested adding those cuties instead of regular ol’ patches! 

But the PHOTO SHOOT. That is my favorite part—of this release especially. All of our little models arrive and always run straight for the rack of pretties! Grabbing their favorites and squealing over the prints (they LOVE those ‘toto dog’s) and twirly styles (that french terry Parfait dress for the win!). It’s the first time ANYONE other than me and the team see the clothing and it always takes my breath away watching their reactions. They tell me what feels the comfiest and what makes them want to dance about. It’s like having the cutest, most candid focus group. I love it!

ANYWAY. Take a look at some of the fun behind the scenes shots Andrea took so you can see a little of the crazy magic I’m talking about! Ya’ll have heard the expression ’it takes a village’? Well my village is THE BEST. When you’re a team of 6 and you have 10 little ladies running wild through a GORGEOUS wide open event space, you need MORE than cute clothes to pull it all off. You need MAGIC, and that’s what my girls bring. Every. Single. Time. You’re probably tired of hearing me brag about them, but I would be lost without my little team (not all picture below–Mano and Caitlin are missing!). And I’d like to think they’d be lost without me…but that’s all speculation 😉.



P.S. After feeling down all day long, my good friend David sent me this video. I don’t know how he knew I needed it, but he did. I cried so hard, but for the first time all day, it was from happiness! This tiny girl is INSANELY talented and her parents are SO proud. This is the kind of light we need to spread, ya’ll!! Also, random, but if anyone knows her or how to send her a Wildflowers dress, let me know! I’d be so excited to surprise her with a smile! <3

Meant to be…
Three words I heard repeated over and over last week.
I can’t tell you how it felt to meet our first group of Consultants. These women are here for so much more than clothes, they’re here to tell a story that they truly believe in and I’m….well I’m dumbfounded.

I’ll never understand how I got here. I walk around saying “why me?” all the time. That’s just who I am. When bad things happen to me, I totally get it. That’s the luck of the draw. That’s how the cookie crumbles. All of those quips make sense to me. But right now I’m living in a dream world. This entire year has been something out of a fairy tale for me. First came Wildflowers, then miss Margo Denise, signed on our first home, and now…and now we are hours away from our first round of “preview days”…

There are so many things that fell into place to make this happen. So many hearts came together to create this collection. I could never do it alone, and thank God I’ll never have to.

So in the next few days..when you’re greeted by your handpicked consultant or when you see our little bee label, just know it took a village.

After spending two days in theme parks (I’m on a family vacation right now!) watching princesses and princes dance, magical creatures sing songs of bravery and triumph, I can tell you for a fact that this story we’re in right now – this world of Wildflowers we’re creating together – this is better than any fairy tale, or any dream, because this, this is real! Ahh..and goodness, I hope you love it.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our very first release, of our very first collection, a collection that was “always meant to be.”


I’m officially freaking out. That’s an appropriate feeling, right? Especially when everything you’ve worked on for the past 8 months is being released to the entire world in less than 2 weeks! And in 4 days we’ll be welcoming our first team of freshly picked Consultants to our office for our first sales conference! Plus – today Mark and I closed on a house in Austin, TX!  Oh, and I’m finishing Spring 2 tech packs and I’ve started coloring fabrics for Spring 3 with a new, fresh color palette…

With so much going on, it’s hard not to feel like I’m drowning sometimes. It’s hard not to feel like I’m gonna mess everything up, too. It’s crazy, even with all the amazing support from y’all, I’ll still go home everyday with a stomach ache. I’m still tossing and turning while I try to sleep, grabbing my phone at random hours of the night to see if anyone commented on our latest post or mentioned anything about our sneaks. I’m so addicted to feedback, critical or complimentary. You take the good, you take the bad (you take them both and there you have the facts of life!). Hehe, that’s what Denise and I always used to say at least! That’s the only way I’ll ever get better, and I mean, it doesn’t hurt to read nice things here and there too. 

The big thing I gotta remind myself of over and over these days is… I am NOT alone. I can’t possibly drown if I’m not alone! I can’t possibly drop the ball if I’ve got epic teammates to pass it to! The last 3 months have been eye-opening for me. I *need* to learn to share responsibilities. I remember during my very first work review, the one thing I had to work on was delegating. So I guess some things never change?! Who knows. But I’m working on it. And I’ve got the best gals around to help anyway!

Which leads me to the very best part of this whole dang blog! The last set of Wildflowers Consultants have been eagerly awaiting their time in the spotlight, so I’ll stop my rambling and share these amazing women with you! 

Hey Wildflowers!!! My name is Amanda Ottaviano, and I am so incredibly excited to begin this adventure. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Peter for 10 years and we have 4 children; Aubree, Maddox, Gemma, and Rocco. I live in a small town called Proctorville in southern Ohio, but grew up just across the river in Huntington, West Virginia.  My biggest blessings are my family and my friends.  I fell in love with children’s clothing when dressing my 1st baby girl, and my passion for fashion keeps growing.  I am looking forward to many new relationships, plenty of new challenges, and loads of perfect outfits. Let’s all be Wildflowers together 🙂

Hello Wildflower World! I’m Whitney Whitfield, a North Carolinian by proximity, Alabamian by birth, and fellow shopaholic by the grace of God. I was introduced to the world of boutique clothing when my almost two year old daughter, Ellington, was born. It was like falling down the rabbit hole after being a boy mom for four years prior and I haven’t looked back!  My children are my world and the glue that holds us all together is my wonderful husband, Ivan. I am a former 3rd grade teacher turned school librarian, an avid reader, a former dancer and competitive baton twirler, a lover of all things sweet, and completely obsessive when it comes to photography and home decor. I can’t wait to meet you all and begin this wonderful journey with Wildflowers Clothing… I know August is going to be epic! Until then…

Joy is like wildflowers, it is often found in unexpected places.  My name is Kendra Furbee Krishnan, and joy often finds me at home with my son, daughter and husband in San Diego, California.  We are a multi cultural family, and enjoy the diversity of my husbands relatives who matriculated from eastern India to Maryland and my very tall kin from Northern California (I stand a few inches shorter than my mother who is 6 feet tall and a cancer survivor.)  For the past decade, joy has found me behind the lens of a camera, as I have had the blessing to share my creative passion in natural light portrait photography with families all over the United States.  Interest in composition and color lead to a personal interest in beautiful clothing for children and later, to the willing participation in a thriving community of women who share this passion on social media. Happiness recently found me at a personal crossroad, as my daughter is preparing to enter kindergarten and I have the growth opportunity to combine friendship, my love for photography, and passion for girls clothing into a full time career.  I am humbled and excited to be in the inaugural group of Wildflowers consultants, and look forward to the joys of growing into the new field that this opportunity has provided.

So nice to meet you! My name is Kayla Henderson and I am over the moon excited about this opportunity to spread the Wildflower love. Fort Wayne, IN is home for me but I enjoy traveling with my Boyfriend and his two boys and volunteering as much as possible. I love all things pretty and believe in slowing down just enough to enjoy them. I’ve spent my entire career in this business and feel honored to join the rest of these ladies.

I’m Laura Parsley from Springdale, AR. Kevin and I have been married for 14 years and we have three amazing kids that I thank God for everyday. Hudson is 12 and in 6th grade, Lydia Kate is 9 and in the 3rd and Saylor Brooke is 3 years old. I have a creative personality. I love crafts, photography, music, art, the beach, monograms and all things pretty! For 16 years I was a hairstylist and decided to be stay at home mama after Saylor was born. I am very thankful for this opportunity and I am so humbled to be among these beautiful Wildflowers.

Hello Wildflowers! My name is Jessica Tavelli and I live in Overland Park, Kansas. I am a midwest girl at heart and was born and raised here in Kansas. My family is my everything…my husband Geoff and I have been married for 14 years and have two children, Anthony (13) and Addison (8). I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by family here in OP and love to spend as much time with them as I can…I love watching all of my nieces and nephews grow up side by side with my kiddos! While my background is in English and Writing, my work has been all over the place! From non-profit work to retail sales to volunteer positions, the common thread always seems to be children, both in general and my own! That being said, I have always had a passion for all things cute and creative, especially clothes…particularly for my little girl! This makes Wildflowers a fabulous fit for me and I can’t wait to get started sharing this wonderful world with all of you! 

Hi everyone! I’m Casey Mussell and I live just south of Atlanta. My husband Paul and I have been married 15 years and we have 4 beautiful daughters…Emma, Ava, Piper, and Charlotte. I’m a Registered Nurse by trade, but the last few years have been a stay at home mom. I can’t wait to get to know all of you and share Wildflowers with new friends! 
Hello there! My name is Jennie Semmens and I am thrilled to be your Northeast Florida Wildflowers Clothing Rep! I’m a Florida native and call beautiful Saint Augustine my home. I’m married to my best friend, Aaron, and we have have four wonderful children! I’ve been a stay at home mom with my youngest two for the last 5 years. It has been a great journey, and with my daughter Emmie, I was introduced into the wonderful world of boutique clothing. I have gained many cherished friendships with amazing Moms who share this passion. I’ve learned over the years that it’s so much more than just clothes and I cannot wait to go on this journey with you and Wildflowers Clothing. 
Hey there, Wildflower friends! My name is Bethany Swisher, and I’m so excited to be joining this team to bring you a colorful garden of clothes that will fill your space with happiness! I was previously an elementary teacher, but now spend my time getting ready for baseball, swimming, dance, school/camp, sleepovers, and more with my husband Will and our three kids- Avery, William, and Amelia. We’ve planted roots in the family-friendly suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where our home is constantly filled with friends stopping by, kids running in and and out, and coffee brewing. In the midst of the daily craze, I enjoy crafting, home decorating, shopping, and taking the time to watch my little wildflowers grow up way too fast!
Hey y’all!! Heather Farr here from Houston, Texas. I was born and raised  in the small town of Rogersville, Alabama(Roll Tide)!!! My husband Steve and I met 15 years ago, then off to the big city this southern girl went. We have been married 14 years with two happy, free-spirited, loving children that make our life complete.  I believe everyone should feel good about who they are and what they believe in… I believe in Wildflowers Clothing! Becoming a consultant for Wildflowers is a DREAM come true for me!!!! Moving forward in this journey, I look forward to making new friends, helping little girls feel special and spreading the HEART of Wildflowers Clothing all over Houston!!


I can’t *believe* I get to hang with all of our Consultants next week. It all feels like a dream. I think that’s been a theme for me these days, right? Everything is just too picture perfect, I gotta knock on wood constantly to make sure I don’t jinx it! 

Next week I’ll be sharing an extra special post, so be on the lookout for that too!



Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes Wildflowers special. I mean, it’s basically my 2nd child so it’s obviously pretty special to me. But what gives it this serendipitous feeling? A golden glow, like it was always meant to be? 

I think it starts with the people. You’ve only gotten to know a tiny slice of this team so far! You’ve heard all about our Sales Director, Caitlin, but what about the other souls that make the heart of this brand tick? Because we certainly know it takes more than me and Caitlin to make all this beauty happen! I think it’s time I share a couple of the girls that make my world (and Wildflowers) go round and round!

There’s my dear friend Caroline James. When we decided to incorporate Seeds of Hope into the new company, I always knew Caroline should be the one to blog about it. Her heart is huge, just like her mama’s, and giving back is sewn into her soul. She’s solid gold to the core. She’s sensitive, thoughtful, and SMART. She literally sparkles when she talks about those she loves. And we’re lucky to call her our Creative Director here at Wildflowers. For years she’s filled this role for KK and ER, spending hours with her Creative Team working on emails, photoshoots, marketing initiatives, you name it. But…I feel like Wildflowers is where she has truly found her place to SHINE! And goodness does she shine bright. If you see something written all cute and fun on the website or blog, you’ll know Caroline had a hand in it. Heck, almost everything you’ll see was once a pretty little thought in her lovely mind… I’m so excited to see her vision for marketing come to life this Fall! 

Kate, or Mama Kate as I like to refer to her, is our in house photographer/all around mama bear. Yep, you read that correctly, we have an amazing photographer on staff full-time! Seriously, that’s unheard of to me! In my past life I took all the flats for the web and we always just found a photographer for photo shoots. Having someone so talented here EVERYDAY has been world changing and EYE opening to me! Not to mention she’s just an all around wonderful human. She’s strong, considerate, and so genuinely committed to those in her life.  If there was anything I ever needed, I know she’d drop what she was doing and be there for me in a heart beat. Her love runs so deep, and it truly feels like she’s a Mama to us all at the office. People like her aren’t easy to find these days. I feel like the internet has made us all a little desensitized in life, but not my girl Kate, she’s aware and would never be comfortable with her head in the sand (I can certainly be an ostrich sometimes!), and she’s just so real. My goodness, she’s a world changer through and through. 

And last but not least, our social media guru and my assistant, Andrea. I feel like I can hardly call her an ‘assistant’ because she’s constantly keeping me in line, making sure I’m hitting deadlines, eating lunch, editing my rambling words, etc… It might sound silly, but I need to be pushed around more than most. And she’s the perfect person for the job. We joke around the office calling her my boss, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! She’s organized, quick witted, and a seriously fast learner. And on top of all that, she’s hilarious. There’s never a dull moment when Andrea’s around. Whether she’s doing a silly impression or filling us in on the latest celebrity gossip (this girl ALWAYS knows what’s going on), she’s the kind of girl you want to travel with, hit the town with, and STAY friends with. And if you’re me, you’re always hoping to make her laugh because she’s a bit of a tough cookie to crack, but that’s what I love about her. She’s challenging and intelligent, beautiful and wise. And once you’ve earned her love and respect, she’s got your back for life

These 3 girls became my home last year. They were the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, a tunnel I thought I’d never get out of. When I met them last January, I felt whole again. I’ve worked with so many incredible women through the years, but these gals and me? We are made for each other. If there’s ever a part of me that’s missing, one of these girls fills that hole perfectly. From Caroline’s sensitive soul, to Kate’s girl power persona, and Andrea’s fierce nature, we’ve become an unstoppable, fully capable, team. And I swear, everyday just gets better and better with these gals by my side. 

Once the 4 of us got together, everything, or should I say, everyONE started falling into place! We soon welcomed Erin, Lauren, and Mano to our tight knit team. These stellar gals will get a blog post soon, don’t worry! They’re far too talented to stay out of the spotlight for long. And obviously ya’ll need to get to know the ladies behind the gorgeous website, hand-lettered logos, and the fit/construction of all these fantastic frocks!

The words ‘Be happy. Be Free. Be a Wildflower’ are more than just our motto, they’re our motivation. And boy is our team motivated! This summer has already been filled with photoshoots, video calls, and meeting after meeting, all preparing for August 1. Each day here feels like the countdown for Christmas, marking the days off the calendar one by one until we finally get to show the world what we’ve been working on. When you put this much heart (not to mention time, energy, and real tears) into something, it’s gotta be great, right? It’s gotta be knock your socks off amazing! It’s just gotta be. And with a team like this, how could it not be?!

And that’s why I can’t shake this magical feeling. The stars are aligning and it’s so much more than ruffles and lace, leggings and dresses. 

Wildflowers was just a wish waiting to come true, don’t you think? 

I certainly do. 



I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend –  either being celebrated or utterly spoiling that special mama in your life! It was a first for me and I found myself reflecting on my own Mom most of the day. The appreciation, admiration, and LOVE I have for her has only skyrocketed since having my own little girl. Seriously, I never understood what it took to be a full blown MOM until the past two months and I’m positive I have so much to learn! Luckily I have so many women in my life to continue looking up to, learning, and growing from. Here’s looking at you guys!

Speaking of incredible ladies, I’ve got 5 more consultants to introduce you to!

Hey guys! I am Heather Stauffer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My husband Kyle and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary this summer!  We have three crazy cool kiddos that just make our world go round.  Our girls are 12 and 10 years old, and our surprise boy is now 7 months old.  My career train has run from Media Sales to Directing a local modeling agency to several years selling children’s clothing.  I love fashion, family, friends and fun!  I am so pumped to be joining in as a Consultant for Wildflowers and for the chance to meet many of you along the way!

Hey y’all!  I’m Tasha Byrd and I am so excited to be on this Wildflowers journey!  My family and I live in Murfreesboro, TN, but I was born and raised near Lexington, KY.  My husband Charlie and I have nine years together under our belt and we have two wonderful girls.  My oldest daughter, Harper, is 7 years old, very creative and has such a kind spirit.  My youngest daughter, Heidi, is 19 months and full of personality and energy.  In my free time, I love painting, calligraphy and shopping (of course).  I can’t wait to help you all dress your little girls up this fall!

Hi there! My name is Ashley Cherry and I am originally from Southern Illinois, but after a few moves across the US, my family and I have settled down in Central Illinois in the town of Washington.  My husband and I have been married for over 10 years and I am one lucky momma to two sweet kiddos. Emery is 8 and just finishing 2nd grade, while Chord is 5 and will be going to kindergarten in the fall.  These two keep us busy with all of their activities and we absolutely love it! I am so excited to be a part of this Wildflowers team and cannot wait to get to know some of you!

Hi guys! I’m Casey Poole, from a small town in North Mississippi. I’ve been married to my husband (the calm to my crazy), for 6 years and I’m the mom to three adorable children all under 5! Whew, they definitely keep me busy but they also make my world go round! I have been a high school counselor for the last 12 years but am starting a new journey this fall, both as a stay at home mom & Wildflowers Clothing Consultant! I absolutely can not wait to start on this new adventure and look forward to meeting many of you soon!

Hi! I’m Kim – a born and raised New Yorker with a love of good old Southern hospitality.  My husband, Nick, and I have been married for 7 years and have two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Eloise, and a perfectly wrinkly English bulldog, Lola.  I’m blessed with a life that has taken me many places across the globe, both professionally and leisurely.  Nowadays, I’m most happy cooking up something delicious in the kitchen with my girls, traveling to another location on my bucket list or enjoying a hot cup of coffee and great conversation with old friends.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Wildflowers team and can’t wait to bring you all along on this new adventure!  


Wow, wow, wow, I’m so excited! How lucky are we to have found these gals?! We have even more Consultants for you to meet soon too! I cannot wait for them all to begin sharing Wildflowers with you. Hurry up, August! 



I think it’s about time we shared a little sneaky peek of our August Release, don’t you?! Hope you love this sweet little top as much as I do. 

Second of all, on behalf of our entire team, thank you. Thank you to all of you that inquired about being a Consultant and thank you to those that took the plunge and actually applied. THANK YOU!!! It was unreal watching all the submissions roll in… Some of you I knew from my past lives and some of you I didn’t know at all, but felt like I did after reading your ‘about me’ portion of the application. If I wasn’t motivated before, it’s a whole new ballgame now. You guys absolutely inspired me. 

But unfortunately we couldn’t pick everyone…and that was the biggest bummer. Ever. I mean it. I know Caitlin had some sleepless nights as she wrestled with the amazing options and the tough choices she was going to have to make. She would text me here and there, asking if I knew someone, asking if I thought an area would be a good spot for a Consultant (my answer to that was usually “isn’t everywhere a good spot for a wildflower?!”). In the end, we decided on a small group of wonderful women!  Let’s meet a few of these ladies, shall we?

Hello Wildflowers!  My name is Jessica Guillot, and I cannot be more excited to begin this new adventure with each of you!  I am a converted small town girl living in Crowley, Louisiana, but I was born and raised just a few hours away in New Orleans.  I have been married to my husband, Benji, for 11 years, and we have three pretty awesome children. Mia Kate is 9 years old and about to complete 4th grade, Emma Katherine is 6 years old and about to graduate from Kindergarten, and Bennett Reece is my “lover of all things muddy” little boy.  Before becoming a mom, I was a Director of Sales for a hotel chain.  I took a break from the working world to stay home with my three babies.  I cannot be more grateful to God for this new chapter in my life, and I am thrilled to get to know so many of you and your precious children too!  

Hey y’all! I’m Amber Thorne and I was born and raised in my beloved South Louisiana and transplanted to the sweet spot of the Lone Star state, Austin. My husband Neil and I are professional jugglers to our little tribe. Jackson – 15, JohnHenry – 11, and their caboose, Tallulah – 5. I attended LSU (Geaux Tigers) and majored in Fine Art, specializing in Interior Design. I am beyond thrilled to work as a Consultant for Wildflowers clothing! You may recognize my daughter from the sneak peek above – she’s loves being able to model for Wildflowers as well!

Hi there! I’m Summer Williams from Auburn, Alabama. I’m a mother of 2 dazzling children, Winsley, an aspiring fashion designer and Coan, who dreams of being a builder (while his sister dreams of him building her a pink house with an elevator). I believe you belong somewhere you feel free and can be creative and I have done such as an elementary teacher, art camp master, party planner, tutor and clothing rep. I loves fashion, children, and fun while enjoying each and every day because I know that no matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.

Hi y’all!  My name is Nikki Voelkel from Mandeville, LA. I’m married with 5 precious children that keep me forever on my toes!  I’m very passionate about life, people, fitness, and clothes. I gravitate towards positivity and run from the other.  I am so incredibly excited to be on this Wildflowers journey with you guys!  

Hello! My name is April Roycroft from Tyler, TX.  I feel so blessed to be part of the Wildflowers team. I have been married to my husband, Scott, for almost 19 years. We prayed for kids and God gave us five! We stay crazy busy with our three boys who keep us cheering from the sidelines and two girls who help spend all of our money. I love to travel, sew, draw and watch Survivor with my family.

Ahh…how awesome are they?! August needs to hurry up and get here, don’t you think!? Until then, I suppose I’ll get back to designing this sweet, magical Spring 2018 collection…




I suppose I was a Wildflower back in the 1980s and just didn’t quite know it yet. I was born in New Orleans and raised in Berwick, Louisiana. Although a super small town was the setting of my story, big dreams were always in the plot. 

When I met the love of my life, I was the ripe ole age of 21, and thought I knew EVERYTHING! When we were married in February of 2004, we were immediately blessed with a baby girl – Mary Grace!  Oh how, we loved every moment with her. Lack of sleep leaves very little to remember, but I do remember LOVING to dress her! 

MG in the first dress I ever made!

A little old lady in Crowley, Louisiana taught me to smock and I was hooked on sewing!  I took a class every week and learned to make dresses and all kinds of cuteness!  As you may know, sewing takes time and patience so I was always on the lookout for mega-cute clothes! 

The three reasons I live…Kat, MG, and Frederick

Fast-forward to 2009… at this point I have three children and a friend introduced me to the “home party” shopping experience. I became so intrigued (and poor) very quickly. I instantly wanted to be a part of it and my dear friend Cammie decided I was a good fit for her team at Matilda Jane.

Working as an independent sales representative was SO much fun!  It was such a great feeling to be a part of something that I believed in! At one point in my Matilda Jane career, I was number one in sales and to be honest… I never noticed.  Sounds kind of funny, but it’s true. I loved selling so much, the recognition didn’t drive me –  I thrived off of the relationships I built.

In November 2013,  my sales director called me and asked if I would attend a photo shoot in Portland to assist on behalf of the sales team!  I jumped at the opportunity, even though I hate to fly. I knew it would be such a fun experience and boy, was I right! 

Lauren, myself and Sam exploring Portland!

I was able to meet Sam and spend time with her at a Matilda Jane conference previously, but spending one-on-one time with her on this trip was a treasure!  Sam was infectious.  She instantly lit up the room with her beautiful smile and sweet little face.  We were instant friends and it was so easy between the two of us. We would share emails and texts after this trip, but rarely got to visit in person. 

Years later, we reconnected and planned to meet up in Texas. On my visit, I got the chance to meet the amazing team Sam works with and informally chat about my direct selling experience.  A few days later I received an email from the CEO asking –  “would you like to be the Sales Director of Wildflowers Clothing?”

Wait, what?!

So this brings us to now…

When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window!

We are just a moment away from hiring our first Wildflowers Clothing sales team and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to hire the very best gals, who not only share my passion for direct selling, but know that this is ALL about relationships and drive. I have butterflies in my stomach just talking about it! This is just the beginning of our journey together, and I can’t wait to meet you all along the way!