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Hellooooo, September! We’re so close to fall, I can almost taste it…key word here is ALMOST. The last lingering days of summer are really taking their sweet time around here! But who can complain when we’re safe and dry? And I know that isn’t the case for everyone right now, so I think I’ll count my blessings today.

Let us begin with blessing numero uno. Welp, we’ve got another gorgeous release around the corner for you! Is it vain that I think it’s so pretty, wonderful, and radiates pure magic? I feel like that sometimes. That I sound totally full of myself because when I finally see the designs come to real life I totally fall head over heels for them….again. And I want to show everyone. Like immediately. Sounds so braggy, right?! But love is love is love…haha and I simply love these designs. Speaking of falling head overs y’all remember the Nina Dress from Written in the Stars?! That dress was insane! She was my favorite last year, doused in pretty polka dots and pure raspberry. And now the french terry cutie is back again and even better this time around (if I do say so myself), all painted up in marigold magic.

Blessing numero dos! Our 3rd release of Pocketful of Wonder is a very, very special one. It’s the first release I worked on with my dear design mate, Ashley. And that’s why SHE’S blessing #2! Okay maybe I should have put her before the release, but…I think both of us would agree that these new designs deserve to be THE STARS OF THE SHOW! (Right, Ashley, you totally agree?!) And while we’re here discussing stars of the show -let’s talk about that Cosmic Crush Ballet Dress. Add those magical moons (one of Ashley’s first fabric designs) with that stunning starry night knit bodice and you get a dress that’s totally written in the stars for our third release! 

Last blessing for the day – I’m going to give this one to our Consultants. That’s like…A LOT of blessings to count, right!? These ladies, near and far, mean the world to me. We couldn’t do any of this with you guys. Good luck on your Pop-up Parties today! I know they’re going to be outta this world!

AND if you still haven’t found your Consultant – use our handy dandy link here to find one!


Sometimes starting a new collection or release is just sooooo hard. Now, don’t worry… I always get there…eventually, but the struggle can be SO real sometimes! 

Now that I told you how tough it can be, let me tell you how EASY Spring Release No. 3 was for me! Crazy, right!? I know, I know, you aren’t used to me saying that the colors just came to me…but they truly did this time! I knew I wanted a romantic, airy-feeling release this Spring. And once I sat on the floor with my boxes of Pantones, the hazy shades of coral and lagoon-like shades of blue and green appeared to me! 

I think it was magic. Or maybe it was Denise (I’d like to think she’s a guiding hand in all I do.) Or maybe I should just take the credit for these “smooth like water” shades, but it just felt like everything fell perfectly into place.

Once the colors were nailed down, I started pulling the prints that felt soft, vintage, romantic, and UNIQUE. I always choose a plethora of florals and then slowly whittle them down to the perfect balance—a mix of tight calico florals, big splashy roses, and spacious botanical prints with butterfly accents! Then I find my novelties! At the beginning of the season I made a little “road map” of all the cute “character” or “conversational” prints I wanted to find and use…which was a totally new thing for me! But there was so much cuteness I wanted to cover that the list was an absolute necessity (especially for my new Mom brain)! Let’s see, we’ve crossed off unicorns, dragonflies, teacups, lemons, rainbows, donuts, bunnies, chicks, ladybugs, rain boots, umbrellas, and strawberries…and we’re just getting started!

Let me introduce you to the Spring Release No. 3 novelties that make my heart go pitter patter all over the place! First my little swans came a swimming… I haven’t worked with a swan print in YEARS, so bringing back this beautiful memory (My last collection with Denise had swans <3) in a new way was very special to me. I love their smooth Snow White bodies with apricot feathers, against the Eggshell Blue ground…surrounded by all that pretty navigate green!! And the lily pads!! Ahh…I’m a lover of details and this print takes the crown!! And when I mixed it with the soft sweater knit bodice (I love textures!) I was in heaven. The Swan Lake Dress is everything I ever dreamed of. 

Now, even more MAGICAL, we have our little mermaids!! Part of me loves this THE MOST because The Little Mermaid was hands down my favorite Disney movie growing up. You can still find me belting the words to “Part of Your World” at night when getting Margo in her pjs (she won’t stay still on her changing table unless I’m entertaining her with a tune!). So, it was a no brainer that mermaids HAD to make an appearance somewhere. The other reason I just adore this print is because their hair reminds me of Troll dolls too! I grew up loving those weird little dolls and then years later I meet Denise and she collected them growing up too. One day she brought in her entire collection for me to have. Probably a little silly, but I just loved that we were weirdos that collected these dolls 15 years a part. 

Lastly, hello watercolor brush strokes! On soft jersey knit!! When I colored this print up, I had to step back and stare. I just adore the mix of colors, and the way the distressed stripes look on a knit! Using this dreamy technicolor stripe as a superstar for this release was a snap! It begs to be an all over print, so I decided to showcase it on the comfy Betty Dress, and the knit trapeze top! 

There are SO many more details I want to tell y’all about. But I think it might be better if you just go to a Pop-Up Party and see (and FEEL) for yourself! There’s so much texture mixed into this romantic, watercolor release…ahh. My words, as rambling as they are, will not do it justice. Trust me!!

On that note….Pop-Up Parties begin TOMORROW (AND it’s a very special little lady’s 1st birthday tomorrow too…MARGO!) Fingers crossed you fall in love with this dreamy release like I have.




Photo shoots are always pretty wonderful days. Our kick butt, girl power super squad (aka our team), a group of little gals that feel like family, new never-been-worn styles, and a beautiful location…how could you go wrong? 

Our Second release photo shoot was pure magic…or maybe a better description would be pure homegrown GOODNESS. Either way, all the stars aligned and after an 8-hour shoot on a local farm, the collection came to life in a way I never imagined. If there was one release this Spring that made me nervous, it was this one. I was worried I was going too bright in terms of colors, or too broad in terms of fabrications, or there were way too many silhouettes?! I don’t know… First I design, then I worry – ha, like clock work. But photo shoots give me a little reset, heck, SOMETIMES photo shoots even give me a little bit of an ego! That’s bad, right? I shouldn’t admit it, but seriously, seeing all the girls surrounded in my designs…well it feels good. Don’t worry, I don’t stay full of myself too long! Like today, I’m back to being the good ol’ worry wart you know and love! (oh gosh, there I go being full of myself again!)

This rainbow of a collection is filled with all the things that remind you of this beautiful, transitional season…like blooming tossed florals, garden inspired prints, and a handful of fruity fabrics! And the color palette? It’s almost JUICY. Haha, okay that’s a little strange, but it’s so vibrant and saturated, like a fresh picked strawberry. I took the colors from the first release and played them up…so the shades you only saw sprinkles of in the first release – you’ll really see take center stage here! I’m talking Paprika red, Ultramarine navy, Kelly Green, and new hints of Sky Blue, too! 

Back in May 2017, I came to the review table with about 100 different styles to pick from. Out of those 100 styles, I had my eye on one dress that COULD NOT BUDGE. I mean, this dress HAD to be in the line or I didn’t know what I was going to do. This layered up beauty, the Summertime Sandy Dress, is a parfait of florals, lace, rainbows, lemons, and lots…and lots of twirl! This dress encompasses the entire release and is one of my favorite little masterpieces…ever. The dainty tie strap shoulders, feminine slight V neck, and smocked back (for a comfy fit!) are just the icing on the cake! 

And now, I blinked and Release 2 Pop-Up Parties are here! This is our largest release of the season with over THIRTY styles to choose from — all designed with over 25 mixed and matched fabrics that look so fresh they could have been plucked from the tree this morning! There’s literally just gotta be something for everyone! Or at least I hope there is!



P.S. To thank those who took the time to read my rambling words today…let’s have a blog contest, shall we?! Last year, I mentioned one of my go-to moves for guaranteed giggles during a photo shoot was the BLANK. Post what you think BLANK is and I’ll send the first winner one of my top fave looks from this release! 

What a couple of weeks it’s been! Release days always feel like a whirlwind. And Best Day Ever was no exception! We encountered a few challenges, but all in all I think we are so close to smooth sailing! SO, so close. A huge thank you to our Consultants for rockin’ it last week! I can’t imagine how it feels to be in the front lines, chatting it up with you and all your precious daughters! I bet it’s nerve-wracking and fulfilling and exciting and wonderful… I don’t think I could ever do what these ladies do! I know I couldn’t. I guess we all just fall perfectly into our places, don’t we?

Obviously I gotta tell you all about some of my fave fave faves from the first release! We all know I’m a smitten kitten for all of the styles, of course! They’re all my little babies and there are reasons and details I adore about each and everyone. I could tell you why I chose the exact shade of pink for the Pink Crush Tee and when I decided it was going to be a heather color. I could tell you exactly why I choose dragonflies prints, all because of one lady and her beautiful story (that’s you, Brenen!). It’s strange, but they’ll never just be designs… They’ll never just be item numbers on a spread sheet to me. I work so hard on every inch of them, from the first thought bubbles in my brain to the scribbles on my notebooks to the delicately drawn digital sketches to working hand-in-hand with Mano to make sure the fit and construction are all the bees’ knees— these little designs are our little works of art! And it’s a dream come true when they’re donned by your daughters.

The first better than basic print I came up with for Spring was the bouncy, uneven dots of the Blue Skies Betty Dress. Who doesn’t love a good polka dot, am I right? It’s almost impossible for me not to include them on a board of designs. However, my most fave dots are the ones that aren’t so even and lined up in rows…so these imperfect, scribbly dots quickly became a favorite! And when I added them to this sweet and easy Betty silhouette…well, it was all blue skies from there! This little frock, in soft and strong medium weight french terry, is the ‘all year ‘round’ style every gal needs! French terry is known for it’s cool hand feel and tough durability, you’ll be grabbing this style each and every season….in the summer it wicks away sweat and in the winter it’s soft little curled interior will keep your gal stay warm and cozy —making Betty MORE than cute, but pretty darn practical too!

I can’t tell you about my most simple favorite without going on (and on) about my most special favorite, too! When I was a little girl, I had the imagination of a unicorn. Okay, honestly, I’m not sure when I found out what unicorns were, but I loved girly stuff…and I loved playing pretend. Barbies, tea parties, flowers, making bug habitats (okay, not so girly, but I’ve always had a tomboy-ish flare) and playing house were my thing. Do you remember playing house?! I was always the mommy. And as the mommy, I always insisted on having dignified tea parties! When I dreamed up the Storybook Ballet Dress I wanted it to make your girl feel like a princess! A little princess playing house, hosting tea parties, and daydreaming of all the fun and silly adventures that lay ahead of her. So I made sure it was chalk full of sweet details, like the tea party apron…the magical wishes trim…and the dainty double flutters. I also consider Mama’s when I design, and I know not every mama loves a good novelty, so I decided to make the apron on the Ballet dress removable! Once it’s unbuttoned you see the full vintage inspired floral laurels on the skirt– it’s crazy that this is the only place you’ll see this fabric because it is my FAVORITE. From whimsically wonderful to folksy vintage, this dress is the queen of variety and cuteness!

And together…these really show the Wildflowers range, don’t you think?! Sweet and simple, or dainty and covered in details…that’s how I roll. Always want to create a little something for everyone, and because I myself can never truly pick one favorite… So the best of both worlds it is for me! Like these two sisters, both sweet as sugar…and funny as can be…but both SO different. Eleanor and Adeline, our CEO Ashton’s darling daughters, are the perfect example of little wildflowers to me. What an incredible blessing it is to be able to design something that makes them both smile 🙂



There are collections that you want to ease into, slowly building a rich color palette and variety of silhouettes to introduce you to the new season ahead. But this year, I wanted to greet spring with a big “HELLO THERE, SO NICE TO SEE YOU!” I didn’t want to tip toe into the sweet shades this delightful season brings, I wanted to make a big ol’ splash!

Getting started — it can be toughest time for me! My brain and my eyes always take a little while to get on the same page. For instance, my brain might be planning on rusty vintage oranges, dirty chartreuses, and faded pinks, but my eyes might be seeing something else entirely! And I’m always, always waiting for that strike of creativity to hit me. Little did I know, my biggest inspiration was about to happen…

I was 9 months pregnant at this time and ready to meet my little nugget, Margo Denise. What would she look like?! Who would she be?! I couldn’t wait to meet her, and apparently she was a little excited too, because she decided to come early — on the first day of Spring! On March 20th, we welcomed little Miss Margo into this crazy world! Life as I knew it would never be the same (and certainly designing wouldn’t be!)! She is the most precious thing I’ve ever created. She’s one-of-a-kind and all mine! With spring colors and fabrics on my screen and a little bundle of joy on my lap, I felt like I finally had the inspiration I was always looking for— my own real-life daughter! I knew exactly who I was designing for now and I knew exactly WHY I was designing… To keep this sweet and innocent girl ‘little’ (and totally stylin’ hehe) as long as possible. And maybe, just maybe, while I work to create silhouettes that feel lovely, youthful, and happy, I’ll be able to create a little magic, too.

Caroline, our creative director, put into words what I was designing and what I was feeling before even I did… She felt it herself as soon as she saw the board filled with 100’s of little frocks. And together, we decided ‘Best Day Ever’ is a collection that celebrates everyday magic!

I’m talking about the simple, day-to-day, magic that is just as sparkly, but maybe even harder to see. Sometimes magic is getting your kiddos to school on time. Sometimes magic is eating veggies every day of the week or getting your 64oz of water in! Magic doesn’t always have to be so fantastical—it doesn’t have to be filled with illusions, myths, and tricks. The most understated magic, the kind that we experience all the time, whether we notice it or not. And THAT’S what I want to celebrate this season! The everyday magic that fills our lives to the brim with endless giggles, ooey gooey love, and cozy cuddles.

I must say, I didn’t notice this special, almost invisible, sorcery until I had Margo. Have you ever heard the saying or scrolled past a post on instagram that says ‘Mothers are Magic”? When I read those 3 words something inside me clicked. Mothers ARE magic!! And so are the little nuggets we create! A pure, real-life type of magic that fills our mornings and nights. It’s the everyday magic that leaves us enchanted long after the storybook ends, and the princesses and prince live happily ever after.

I wanted to capture the effortless joy of being a kid— where your whole world is make believe, and magic is around every corner just because you BELIEVE it is…here’s to hoping I did just that!



P.S. Did y’all notice our pretty new blog header?! There might be a sneak or 2 hidden in all that messy cuteness!

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Well, technically it’s still 2 months away…but around here we are in full on holiday mode! With Pop-Up Parties starting TODAY, we have so much to be cheerful about, don’t you think!? Our 4th and final release of Written in the Stars is here! I honestly can’t believe it. I never thought August 1st would get here and now I’m on the verge of waving goodbye to our first Wildflowers Collection, ever. How does time go so fast and so slow all at the same time? Does anyone know the answer to that??

When I started designing the 4th release, I wanted to make sure it was geared towards all the fun holiday activities that come along with this splendid season! I think there’s something for everyone and every occasion, from Christmas cards to fancy holiday shows and everything in between. I started with your typical green and red palette and slowly shifted the shades from bright tango red to this sweet pink toned Sangria and my green morphed into a deep jewel toned blue-green that felt so luxurious and bold to me. Of course I couldn’t just use those two gorgeous colors so I threw in Peridot for a more traditional shade of green, and used Twilight Blue, Powder Pink, and Chateau Rose from the 3rd release to balance it all out. I wanted to make sure there were items that could be worn past the season too, so you’ll see a few navy based items, abstract Christmas tree prints and so much more! 

One of my absolute favorite items is the Lala Tiny Dancer Top. This simple knit little number features retro starburst print on the bodice and an adorable vintage ornament print on the skirt. Back in March when I found this ornament fabric I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into my first holiday release. You see, my old design partner and best friend, Denise, was 100% over the top during the holidays! I mean, the moment December was here she couldn’t think of anything else besides 1.) shopping, 2.) decorating, and 3.) spoiling those around her like CRAZY. All month long we would spend a couple of hours working in the AM, then we’d hit up Target, Big Lots, William Sonoma, Von Maur, and all the other randoms stores on her list… Always on the hunt for the PERFCT gifts and the PERFECT ornaments for each and every person coming to her annual Christmas Extravaganza. This was her favorite time of year and she made it mine, too. I grew up not loving Christmas so when I began working with Denise so many years ago, she really opened my eyes up to all the wonderful things the season truly could be! And ever since then I’ve had this ever-growing LOVE for the season and also this ever-growing ornament collection that I add to every year! All thanks to her. Gosh, I have so much…so so much…all thanks to her. Anyway… 

In honor of Denise and the joy she spread each and every Holiday season, we decided to do some joy spreading of our own—introducing the 12 days of Nifty Giftys! Every day during our Preview Pop-Up Parties we will be posting on Instagram a cutie sneak of our 4th release with a fun question to answer! At the end of each day we’ll pick someone randomly to win a little nifty gifty! It could be some buttons or trims or fabrics or a messenger bag or..or..or.. something fun and something special, picked just for you! Heck, you might even get a little note with my terrible handwriting all over it! Haha, I hope that doesn’t discourage you from playing along?!

I’ll end this where I always do…I can’t believe any of this! I can’t believe you all allowed me to design for your gals…again! What a freaking honor it is!! And as I stare at Spring Pre-production samples across the room, I just cross my fingers and my toes that I can keeping making fun, youthful, and fabulous styles to dress your little ladies in! 



Can I just tell you how interesting it is to see your favorites each release day?! I love seeing which items y’all go gaga over because they’re always different than what I predict! Well not ALWAYS but I’m still surprised by our top sellers each and every month so far!

Did you know our whole team in Austin is involved in picking each release? I over-design at least 2-3 times — which means if we want 20 pieces in a release, I design 40-60 pieces for us to CHOOSE from to create the final 20 pieces. During this time we all end up with our personal favorites, of course. Dresses or tops we HAVE to have in the line…you know, the ones that we would ‘fight’ to keep in the release! Or styles that are cute, but we decide should be recolored and saved for the next release or season. It’s truly funny to see everybody’s picks and hear WHY they picked them. Ashton, our CEO, has some of the strongest opinions on what designs he likes best. He always says “I’ll dress my girls in that…and that…and that and that and that.” For instance in October, he HAD to have the Monet Top and the Whimsical World Tiered Dress! No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it! Where as I HAD to have the reversible jumper. HAD. TO. I would have fought everybody at that table for it!

Luckily we were all in agreement that the jumper was a must and I didn’t have to wrestle anyone over it. 😉 There’s just something about that plaid, am I right?! All of our printed woven fabrics we’ve used, so far, are poplin – a cool, lightweight woven fabric with a smooth hand feel, that’s easy to iron and shouldn’t wrinkle too easily like most 100% cottons do. But this was the first time I used a yarn dyed poplin…which is the reason the jumper is reversible! Ha, you should have seen me when I came up with the idea. I felt like a genius, even though it’s a rather simple concept! If you know me, it doesn’t take much to get me bouncing around, overly excited…

Our other OBVIOUS favorite was any and ALL items with the fable print on it!! Those deer, owls, and foxes wrapped up in scarves all cozy and such?! How could you not love it!? Not to mention it was hand drawn for me to color-up by the AMAZING artist who designs all of the fabrics for Eleanor Rose and Kelly’s Kids. I felt so honored to have her create this one-of-a-kind cutie print for us! The Fable Peasant Top paired with the Mimi Leggings is near the top of my favorite lists too. Such a sweet, simply adorable pairing, made only more adorable by the DARLING Adeline James in it above (that’s Ashton’s littlest girl!). Or -if you’re like me and you like to get a little more adventurous with your outfit making, then try it styled with the Comeback Knickers!! There’s a small ruffle tucked underneath the ‘words of wisdom’ trim around the skirt of the peasant top that helps the knickers coordinate ever-so-perfectly.

And that leads me to the last piece I want to swooooon over today! The Pixie Mitzi! The slightly curved, LINED, bodice, the 4 paneled skirt, the ruffle detail on the side panels…and that fable print featured smack dab in the middle! I have all the heart eyes for this special little guy. PLUS. I named it after a dear friend of mine Mitzi, from the amazing Livie and Luca Shoes! I haven’t even told her this yet! No time like the present though, right!? Well Mitzi, this exceptionally unique silhouette was designed with you in mind! Your magical spirit, unique (insanely creative) style, and huge HEART are what make you special to me and I guess I hoped this dress captured that as well as you do. ❤️

OKAY LASTLY!!! I wanna do something NEW. Well, something OLD to me, but NEW for Wildflowers—a blog contest! Tell me what your favorite WF style is so far and why for a chance at one of our limited hostess messenger bags!! All blog comments need approved by admin first (we get LOTS of spam for some reason?!) so don’t worry if you don’t see your post showing up immediately! Andrea or I will go through and make sure they all get approved before we pick the winners!

I cannot wait to see what are your TOP favorites are! 😍



P.S. Check out my gal, Andrea, looking even more gorgeous and princess-ly than usual! She just got her wedding photos back yesterday and our entire office has been oohing and ahhing over them all morning! Her wedding was one for the books, let me tell ya. It might even be part of the story for Spring 2018…you’ll just have to wait and see! ✨

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and Andrea (all around keeps me in check-social media guru- assistant) was on her honeymoon the past 2 weeks. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all! I swear I’ve spent most of my days recently just trying to keep up with checking our WF FB page, respond to comments, posts, and messages, while she was away! And now that she’s back, I’m saying ‘“goodbye” to the social media role I’ve been trying to fill and “hello” to what I’m good at—rambling on the blog.

SO YOU GUYS, OCTOBER IS HERE. Or at least it is in my world! Preview Pop-Up Parties for our third release of Written in the Stars have officially begun and I’m just sitting here awestruck that our first season, ever, is more than half way over with… and I just can’t believe it. A year ago, I could have never dreamed this would be happening. A year ago Wildflowers wasn’t even a thought in my brain, and now it consumes every inch of my being. And now it’s this insane real life brand that you guys seem to truly like!? With each release I feel myself being surprised, delighted, and humbled by your response, your gorgeous photos that cover my FB feed, and all the amazing outfit combinations y’all come up with that I never even thought of!! Today so many of you will get to see, touch, and feel the all the new silhouettes and fabrics of our October release. I tried a few new things this time around, and I hope you love every bit of it.

I say I tried “a few new things,” but pretty much all of this has felt beyond new to me! I know, I know I’ve designed a million dresses in my life, but I always had someone to bounce my ideas off of, or to point me in the right direction if something is feeling off. I’ve never been the LEAD in design like this (I just got business cards that even say Lead Designer…what?!?!) When I used to design, Denise almost always started the color palette herself. There are only TWO collections in my past life where I chose the colors from start to finish. Sure I would add a shade here or there, adjust a hue for a particular print, but I loved having her lead me around the pretty pantones. I felt more confident with her eyes on everything. She was/is pure gold, so I always felt safe with her watchful, creative eye directing the way we designed a collection. I never thought I’d have to design without her, without the security of knowing she approved my designs, my colors, my ideas. And now, all that’s changed. Written in the Stars is the first time I’ve ever plotted, planned, and laid out a collection for an entire season on my own. Of course my team here helped navigate the in’s and out’s of creating the brand, etc, but they really trusted me to go with my gut and design my ideal fall line, without rules or guidelines….and that’s just what I did.

I wanted each release to feel fresh and exciting, yet cohesive all at the same time. Who knows if I was able to strike that tricky balance, but I certainly tried! There are several colors threaded through Written in the Stars from beginning to end, but there’s a definite departure in the overall color palette from September to October. In my mind, August was a “back to school” release, September was my “true fall” release and October was the beginning of winter! So that gorgeous rusty shade of orange that y’all loved in September will be replaced with Blue Yonder, an almost Periwinkle-like hue that made it’s first appearance in August. I swapped out the bold raspberry color seen on the Nina Bucket Dress for a more muted magenta to strike a really smooth balance with all the cool blues and aquas. In terms of fabrics, you’ll see plenty of vintage inspired, painterly florals, sweet paisleys, and whimsical novelties from snowflakes to scotty dogs. And of course my favorite coordinate prints like playful stripes, micro dots, and a “sugarplum plaid” to top it off!

Oh!! And kitty patches. I know not everyone is a kitty obsessed person like myself. But I didn’t always like cats! I actually HATED cats. You can’t believe it, can you? I grew up with this crazy cat Sunny (EYE ROLL…SHE WAS NOTHING LIKE SUNSHINE) that would literally attack me at every turn. But almost 11 years ago, I met Mark (now hubby). This cute dirty ol’ skate rat was in love with cats and I couldn’t believe it. More specifically he was in love with a grumpy, old, lumpy cat named Deedee and I couldn’t help but MAKE myself give her a shot. If Mark could find something to love in this ol’ furball, why couldn’t I?! It took 3 years, but I finally won her over and vice-versa. Since then my cold heart towards cats thawed and turned into a mild obsession with these feline friends. And 7 years ago, I got the best kitty brothers in the world, Butters and Greasy. So now I live my life with a motto –  ‘Those who don’t like cats just haven’t met the right one yet.’ So who knows, maybe the Cat Scratch Fever Leggings will be your moment to fall in love?

I wish I had more time to create a beautiful mood board to show you how my brain kinda works or what I was thinking exactly when I was designing each release. But hopefully the designs will speak for themselves and you’ll be instantly transported to a cozy, whimsical winter scene the moment you lay your eyes on it! Oh man…I can’t wait to hear what you think. 😬


Can you feel it? The extra cool breeze, the hazy low hanging sun in the early evening and the pumpkins popping up around every corner… Fall is here! Or almost. What am I saying?! I live in Texas and it basically feels like summer all year long, but I’ll take these mid 80’s over 100+ any day! The (slight) change in weather has me feeling so excited for cozy layers, cardigans, and snuggly evenings with Mark and Margo. There’s just something about this season, right? It’s the same for Spring with me. Summer and Winter are great and all, but there’s something about the transitional seasons that bring so much change, growth, and renewal… I can’t help but feel that each Spring and Fall, I get a fresh start—a brand new grand adventure! And this Fall has been one for the books.


Tomorrow our 2nd release of Written in the Stars goes up on the website, after being shared via Pop Up Parties for the past 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks our consultants have been traveling up and down the country showing Wildflowers to whomever will have them! I admire those 20 ladies so much. I could never, ever (EVER) do what they are doing. I could never be so brave! Ha, maybe that’s silly but I think it takes so much guts to walk into a stranger’s home. Don’t you?! I would be scared out of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s the most wonderful thing…making that connection, meeting in real life, and sharing over something you both LOVE. We need more of that in this crazy world. I’m just THANKFUL I’m on the other side of the business for the most part— behind a computer, on the floor with a box of colors, or sketching crazily in morning meetings, catching the flash of a new idea before it escapes my mind…

So last week when Ashton (CEO, all around big brother at the office) invited us all to his house for a Wildflowers Pop-Up Party I was sooooo excited, but out-of-my-mind-nervous! I don’t belong anywhere in public, trust me!! And I was right, ha. My sweaty face showed up right on time, and my nervous talking started and wouldn’t stop! Luckily there were a handful of cutie kids there to keep me distracted, aka spinning them in circles until we’re all too dizzy to stand. That’s where I’m the most comfortable at these kinds of things—at the kids table. But I couldn’t stay in my safe zone long, there were too many sweet mama’s to meet! And goodness am I so happy I went! And I’m so happy I didn’t hide the whole time. A few ladies I met had been shopping with other brands I’ve worked on for YEARS! And some of them drove over 2 hours to attend! I couldn’t believe it. I loved getting the chance to just chat (and sweat) with these ladies. Again, I can’t emphasize my appreciation for our consultants enough. I only went to one show! They do this all day long, for weeks on end! Traveling, building friendships, and selling sweet clothes?! It takes the most special people to make it look SO EASY (Love you, ladies!! I truly do!)

ANYWAY…now that the grand reveal is almost here, I can share a few of my most favorite styles and fabrics from this release! And by fabric I mean, CORDUROY 😍

Meet Ophelia. She strikes the perfect balance between looking cute and feeling comfy. She’s a full length overall, made from soft, stretchy corduroy cuteness! If only I had a pair of these when I was a kid… I was a total tree climbing ‘tomboy’ with a girly flare, making me a pretty difficult customers to please, if you ask my mom. But my floral leotards, ripped up acid washed jeans, and plastic dress up shoes, certainly helped me look the part (or look confused, ha). However, I know if I would have had these overalls, I could have avoided a lot of bad picture days, and a lot of embarrassing photos. I would have been in girly-tomboy, 8 year old heaven! The slight V at the bodice, the puckered front waist and the contrast pockets and cuff are what gives this style that girly feel we all love. While the navy blue shade, flat cargo pockets, and comfy back strap would make the inner tomboy in me ever so pleased.

Hello Sweet Jane. I designed this girl right after I designed the Dandy dress from the August release—you know how I often bounce all over the place while designing, so it didn’t come to reality until September. I didn’t know the fabrication for sure yet, but I what I did know is that I fell in love with a burgundy corduroy jumper for myself last fall! So I really wanted to create a similar style for your darling girls, something that makes them feel so pretty, a little vintage, and totally cool (while still looking age appropriate, which is darn near impossible these days). The contrast pocket and hot pink crochet lace trimming, from the hem to the straps, are my two most favorite parts of this gem!

Oh, you like to twirl, eh? Then the Field of Dreams skirt was literally made for you. LOOK. AT. THAT. SPIN. Mano and I worked tirelessly on this little number, adding more and more fullness until it was just perfect. I wanted this precious skirt to be simple and twirly, but rich in thoughtful details. I ended up choosing our soft navy cord so that mixing and matching would be a breeze! Then I added 2 rows of shiny grosgrain trim, and an extra dose of girly-ness by adding a fluffy strawberry pink ruffle to the lining (because, of course, a skirt this special is fully lined). Ahh, I just love her. And I looooove corduroy. Haha, have I mentioned how much I love FALL!?

Ok, ok! Last but not least!! I’ve got a fun little update. Ya’ll.. I’m doing a ‘social media takeover’ for the next 2 weeks! AKA: Andrea (social media guru, design assistant) is on her honeymoon in Italy and has trusted me to respond to your messages (be patient, I’m no expert), comments, and to post whatever I want! Whaaaaat!? So…if you guys have any ideas on what you might like to see while my ‘boss’ is away, let me know and I’ll try my best to share! Only idea I had so far was maybe an entirely too soon sneak peek of Spring and maybe some cutie snaps of Margo!? Everybody likes babies, right!?



I’ve always said that before I can even begin designing, I have to play with color first. I sit on the floor with a box of 3,000 Pantones (give or take a few) and I sift through the technicolor cards, grabbing one here and there, putting another back. Each card has 10 different shades of one color on it, so there are plenty of options to find the perfect hue to complement another. And I do that until “my eyes are happy.”

And September makes my eyes REALLY happy.

Picking color is probably my favorite part of my job. Or…no, my second favorite part. My fave, fave, fave part of the job is seeing the colors, fabrics, and designs all come alive at the photoshoot. For months, each style has been dressed on mannequins, pinned and trimmed until the fit is just right – and at the photoshoot all that hard work pays off. Seeing that first twirl, jump, or skip across a field is like crossing the finish line to me. We made it!

But with all great things comes a unique set of challenges. During a lot of the development for September, I was on maternity leave, so my dear friend and technical designer, Mano would come to my apartment 1-2 times a week to go over samples. Carrying mannequins up the 3 flights of stairs that lead to my door, she always greeted me with a smile and excitement for the new patterns we had to work on. Trust me, I didn’t always FEEL so excited when I was on maternity leave. It was a weird time, I bet most moms out there understand. I felt like I was being pulled in a million directions, from new baby Margo, to designing Spring, to continuing to develop Fall. At the time, I was just on autopilot, cruising along, crossing everything off the list, just getting by. Looking back on that time now, I feel a bit like a super hero. Hope that doesn’t sound too confident, but I just can’t believe I got through it. And now we have “everyone’s favorite release” to show for it!

Waking up from that new baby fog and seeing September come to life at the Green Acres photoshoot was absolutely unbelievable. I know I’ve mentioned it already, but the setting was just picture perfect for these designs of mine. The textures, the details, the uniqueness of it all… it all just worked. It all blew me away. I can’t wait for you to see and feel the time and attention that went into creating this release – from conception to reality, from the patterns to the prints. For September, I tried new things I’ve never done before, and brought back some old silhouettes I was so fond of in the past. I wanted more than just the color palette to be versatile, I wanted the designs to show the variety of the season too, and I think we did just that. So from hayrides, to fall camping trips, and every harvest festival in between, I think (I HOPE) you’ll find something to proudly dress your darling daughters in.

Tomorrow is the beginning of preview parties and the butterflies in my stummy (combine stomach and tummy, I’ve got a thing for making up words) won’t quit. I’m in love with September, our team is in love with September, the last piece is you guys… I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed you’ll fall for it as hard as we have!!