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Happy Go Lucky

I don’t think I’m alone when I say we’re still riding that Happy Go Lucky conference wave around here! 
With the help of some lovely guest speakers, we brushed up on our social media skills, figured out our whys and reasons, and overall left feeling oh-so inspired to be our best for the new season ahead! Our Fall 2019 conference was one for the books, that’s for sure! While setting up and showing off the clothes to our consultants is all kinds of fun, one of the greatest parts of conference is getting to meet our NEWBEES! So, without further ado, let us introduce to you to our newest class of consultants, who are more than ready to rock this back to school season!



We’re one week until Happy Go Lucky gets released like a big colorful batch of balloons into the bright blue sky! That means one more week of nail biting and butterflies filling my tummy! I can’t imagine a day when I’m not so nervous/excited like this over a new season of designs. Our passion for these prints and dresses runs deep, and this release was a labor of love for both Ashley and myself. This Happy Go Lucky collection is the beginning of more than one great story, let me tell ya! Each release is gonna take us from one rainbow to another, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

For now let’s focus on NUMERO UNO! Our back to school release is infused with details that should make your gal feel PROUD. The colors are bright, the prints are a mix of ABC’s, apples, fresh florals, and sooo much more! And the trims?! Those sweet little details we can’t help but dream up for every single piece?! Well they’re better than ever. One of my favorites is the BEE BRAVE trim on the Rainbow Dash ballet top. Not only is it a cute pop of color at the bottom of this twirly top, but it’s a colorful pop with purpose! “CHOOSE KINDNESS. HAVE COURAGE AND BEE BRAVE. DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU’RE PROUD.” Who doesn’t need a happy little reminder like that every once in a while!? I sure do!

And the excitement DOES NOT END THERE! We decided to give the boys looks a little ‘revamp’ this season by giving them their very own brand name…Wild Things is a small batch of items designed to complement the girls pieces in each release. We aren’t 100% ready to dive head first into a large boys assortment, but for now we are totally 100% sure we wanna help give you guys perfect matches for your family photos and memories! 

And while we we’re thinking about all the wonderful things were just WILD about, we didn’t forget about you Mama! Our Peach Blossom dress is the perfect mix of comfy, floral cuteness and it’s ready and waiting for you….

Navy blue was such an obvious grounding shade for all the funky primary colors in this release, so it felt like a no brainer to use it for the whole family….baby included 

You know I always say I play with colors and fabrics until my eyes are happy and OMG guys…my eyes are SOOO giddy over what I’m seeing. I’m usually ready to move onto the next season by the time we get to release our new designs, but there’s just something about this primary perfection that I can’t get enough of. 

So….do you feel it too?! There’s a happy go lucky feeling in the air! 


Growing up, I was always ‘the hyper’ one. I was always the loud one, too. Can you even believe that?! I know it’s pretty hard to swallow since I’m cool as a cucumber now, but it’s true! I’ve been almost annoyingly positive since day one! It was as if being silly and outrageous was sewn into my soul or something. Going out of my way to embarrass myself for a laugh or a smile is just part of who I am!

Do you guys remember when being ‘weird’ wasn’t cool though? I do! I REALLY do. And while that might be burned into my brain from middle school, I never let it change me – I think I’m just too strange to change.
(I think I need a t-shirt that says this!?)

When we start a new collection, I always, always reflect on my past. Whether that’s remembering the orange hightop Chuck Taylor’s, men’s neck ties with tee shirts (Thanks Avril Lavigne!) and the sparkly denim of middle school or immersing myself in ALL of my past-life designs…there’s so much inspiration in where and who we’ve been.

While Ashley and I began designing Fall 2019, I thought back at my journey through this darling world of girl’s clothing…the path that got me here. I was reminded that being myself, with a little hard work, has ALWAYS paid off. So while we were working hard to get the colors, fabrics, and styles off the ground for Fall, I decided to just trust my gut!

Once I let go, the colors/fabrics started flowing and took on a life of their own. What felt like a challenge at first became the ultimate accomplishment…and the feeling this little collection gave us was pure JOY. Seeing it come to life, felt like our cups were over-flowing. And because of that – the bold, colorful mix of primary colors, ABC-inspired fabrics and trims, and so much more back-to-school cuteness was born… And we came up with just the right name for how it made us feel, and how we want it to make your gal feel, too!

Happy-Go-Lucky, a collection that always looks on the bright-side of life. A collection that looks at the bright side of everything and everyone.  This collection is about being PROUD of who you are, where you are, and how you got there. There’s no person on Earth that’s like you or your little one…so let’s embrace that. Let’s be our happy-go-lucky selves and live the best lives
we can!

I know it’s hard to believe that clothing can change the way someone feels, but if designing has such an impact on me, then why can’t it also brighten someone else’s day! Why can’t it change lemons into lemonade, or add an extra skip in your little one’s step? We put so much heart and thought into these pieces. I don’t know how to even describe it, but the love doesn’t end once the designs are complete. Because after all the hours and weeks of designing, they get passed off to our compassionate and wonderful Consultants to share with you! And the love just keeps on spreading…almost like wildflowers, you could say.

So this Fall, let’s keep the sun shining even when the temp drops and the seasons change. Let’s look at the bright side and count our lucky stars. Let’s all be Happy-Go-Lucky!