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Author: Caroline James

Thanks to our customers Staci, Grace and Adalyn Hufty for their passion and support for Destiny Rescue!

Wow! You’ve heard us say it before, but I want to say it again – this spring was the BEST SEASON EVER and we couldn’t have done it without you! When we came together to start this wonderful adventure we had big dreams and high hopes that Wildflowers Clothing would be more than just a clothing brand, and you have helped make this dream a reality through our Seeds of Hope Program!
This past spring, we were fortunate to partner with Destiny Rescue. This incredible non-profit puts their lives on the line to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of young children by rescuing, restoring, protecting, and empowering children who are in desperate need of rescuing. They are a voice to the children who don’t have one and a light to children in the darkest places. After hearing from one of their passionate representatives, Aaron, at our January conference, our Consultants did a wonderful job spreading Destiny Rescue’s message to all of you! We even had sweet customers raise money for Destiny Rescue on their own and share their success with us! $1,500 is the average cost of rescuing one child. We started this season with a goal of rescuing 15 children — and we are both humbled and proud to say that with your help 
— WE DID IT!  Because of you, Destiny Rescue is one step closer to saving the world from sexual exploitation and abuse of children — now that is something to be proud of!
We are excited and eager to keep spreading Seeds of Hope through our charity for this season — Respire Haiti. One of our super sweet and passionate consultants, Amber Thorne, introduced us to this incredible charity. Respire Haiti’s beautiful story began in August of 2010, when its founder, Megan Boudreaux, had an unrelenting calling from God to move to Gressier, Haiti. After seeing first-hand the most deplorable living conditions, witnessing child slavery, and coming in contact with corrupt orphanage leaders, Megan decided something must be done. She saw the dire need for education and safe place for the community’s children and from there Respire Haiti was born. Megan shares her entire beautiful and inspiring story in her book, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain. It truly is a must-read! With your help this season, we look forward to sharing Megan’s story with the world and helping her continue to be a light and source of hope to the children of Haiti!



Giving back has always been at the heart of our family’s business. We strive to make an impact in the lives of others and share our blessings whenever possible. My mom, Lynn, instilled these values in our family and our companies as well. 

Our greatest partnership began when our production facility moved to El Salvador. Our production manager’s sister-in-law, Lupita, was an oral surgeon and her husband, Ramon, was a trauma specialist plastic surgeon with a passion for helping their community. We set up a small dental clinic inside our factory for our employees where Lupita and Ramon worked together.

One morning, one of our factory employees came in crying. His wife has just given birth to twin boys and one had a cleft palate. The father was very distraught and said he would never see his son smile. Ramon comforted the man and told him not to worry and that he would fix his son so he could see him smile again. This was Ramon’s first cleft palate surgery and the beginning of a whole new venture. In El Salvador, the need for cleft palate surgeries was immense and Lynn felt her and Ramon’s paths crossed for this very reason. 

We have been fortunate enough to fund one cleft palate surgery a month for the past 7 years and counting for our “angels” in El Salvador. Lynn and Ramon’s unrelenting passion and dedication to these children has been our greatest success in business to date.

Today – we’re here with a new company and a desire to continue to give back. When we began to discuss the potential of Wildflowers Clothing, our new venture had one condition – Wildflowers Clothing must be firmly rooted in giving back to children most in need. Our team excitedly agreed and created the Wildflowers Seeds of Hope Program.

Each season, our Wildflowers Seeds of Hope program will partner with a different charity and donate a percentage of sales to that organization. You’ll see each season’s charity highlighted on the tag of every item in the collection.

This season we have chosen to support the charity Unbound and more specifically, their Education fund. By supporting their Education fund, we will be able to empower children all over the world with the educational tools they need to end the vicious cycle of poverty and rise above their deplorable living conditions. We are excited to share more about Unbound and their success stories throughout the season! If you’d like to learn more about Unbound, please click here:

Our hope is that our clothing is more than just clothing. Our dream is that our clothing makes your little girl smile and helps put a smile on another child’s face somewhere else in the world.


Caroline James