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Meet the New Gals

Meet the New Gals

It’s hard to believe another season is upon us, and with all that fresh cuteness comes another batch of Wildflowers Consultants or ‘Newbees’ as we so fondly call them! Do you know how crazy it is to go from seeing these gals cheering us on Facebook, seeing that little ‘top fan’ icon appear, and then a few months later that person becoming part of your very own family?! Everyone around the office knows my love for Wildflowers runs DEEP and every member of our team is truly family to me….so it’s really, REALLY exciting to keep watching this beautiful bunch GROW.

Without further ado (or more ramblings), meet the new members of our girl gang!

Cheers to La La Land, ladies! I cannot wait to see what we can all accomplish together this Spring!


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