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Pocketful of Wonder

I’m just gonna say it, guys…I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. I know, I know, it’s MY fault, but we’ve just been soooo busy. We waved goodbye to Best Day Ever, had a surprise online sale (what!?), traveled to Louisiana for our first Fall 2018 photo shoot, AND designed Spring 2019 first and second release (what what?!)! And we’re shooting the second release of Fall this week! We don’t take breaks around here, let me tell you.

As you can see there’s been A LOT on my mind lately, plus June is kind of a weird month for me. For many, actually. It’s around this time 3 years ago my dear friend Denise passed away. And also 3 years ago that I married the love of my life on her birthday and wedding anniversary. She and I had been planning a big wedding for October, but when she passed away the dream of the big wedding went with her. So I asked David if we could share their anniversary (it’s also HIS birthday, too! How cool/funny is that?!). He said yes. Mark and I were married 5 days later.

So yeah, June is weird, sometimes heartbreakingly-hard, but wonderful, too. I think of Denise all year long, but during this month I really can’t help but reflect on how much she taught me and gave me—she truly took a piece of herself and instilled it in me. And now I feel it in every part of my being. That’s the only reason I am capable of doing all this incredible stuff (well, that’s how I got here, but you know I couldn’t live without my team!). The guts I have now? The confidence I feel each day? I didn’t have an ounce of it back when Denise and I first worked together. I don’t know what it is now, but I feel like I can truly do ANYTHING…I can be anything! And I most certainly can DESIGN anything!

This crazy notion that you can design a dress that makes someone FEEL something has always been my guiding light. Denise, of course, taught me that. Our dresses aren’t just inventory on the shelves to me, or to any of us. And the fact that in a few weeks we get to share another batch of these beauties with you?! Ahh…feels like a never-ending lottery.

This Fall I wanted to show you a new world. Each release has it’s own point of view; it’s own special color palette and unique story told through the whimsical, thoughtful prints and ornate silhouettes.. And of course, Denise had a hand in my latest creations’ inspiration. In 2015, Denise was no longer designing, but she was scheming, oh yes! We planned on designing together in the future, but first…we would need a blog! And our blog was going to be called a “Pocketful of Wonder”.

A little over 3 years later, plans changed but the fact remains that I found my own little Pocketful of Wonder here in Austin, here with this team, here in this amazing world of Wildflowers. When we were thinking of a name for our Fall collection, I couldn’t shake that perfect sentiment…

Let’s be honest, the world’s a bit crazy these days, so being able to find your own Pocketful of Wonder is something you hold on to, something you cherish, and something you share. I hope this out of this world collection full of endless possibilities makes you feel that and so much more! Oh and I hope you think it’s cute, too 😉



P.S. A few weeks after we decided to name the collection Pocketful of Wonder, Teshania forwarded me an email from a customer named Heather. In that email Heather was lovely, and shared all the things she loves about her favorite WF dresses… But the best, craziest part was she mentioned her absolutely FAVORITE part of our designs? “These pockets of wonder” is what she wrote. I couldn’t believe it. Now I can FINALLY email her back and tell her how serendipitous her message was!

  • Gramma Linda
    Posted at 20:46h, 23 June Reply

    Love the orange one!!

  • Beata Rivard
    Posted at 05:35h, 23 June Reply

    Always love reading your blogs Sam! Truly special, truly heartwarming. Keep up that passion in your work. Denise is looking down and smiling! ❤️ Looking forward to this Fall’s release! But for now, we are enjoying our summer pretties! My girls love Wildflowers!

  • Coree
    Posted at 01:20h, 23 June Reply

    Sam, it’s so wonderful to see your designs come to light, to see your vibrancy and love for your work…and to see Denise shine through you….Such a joy!!! May God continue to bless you and your sweet family!

  • Amy Dyer
    Posted at 13:29h, 22 June Reply

    She much beauty in these words! So many beautiful tributes as well! Cannot wait to see everything unveil. The collection name is perfect and the colors as always are just perfection! ❤️

  • Sarah M
    Posted at 10:51h, 22 June Reply

    How wonderful that you have such a special connection to that date!

  • Polly Johnson
    Posted at 10:15h, 22 June Reply

    Loved everything about your blog today! Denise is soooo proud of you Sam! Thank you for sharing this and you’re beautiful designs with us! Xo ❤️🌸

  • Audrey Morris Cellers
    Posted at 10:02h, 22 June Reply

    💗💗💗What a beautiful heartfelt blog! I just love you Sam and I’ve never personally met you. I am so looking forward to the Fall 2018 release and all future releases. Wildflowers has captured not only my heart, but my baby girl’s as well. We love all the “pockets full of wonder” that you bring! Much love!💗💗💗

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