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Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

Sometimes starting a new collection or release is just sooooo hard. Now, don’t worry… I always get there…eventually, but the struggle can be SO real sometimes! 

Now that I told you how tough it can be, let me tell you how EASY Spring Release No. 3 was for me! Crazy, right!? I know, I know, you aren’t used to me saying that the colors just came to me…but they truly did this time! I knew I wanted a romantic, airy-feeling release this Spring. And once I sat on the floor with my boxes of Pantones, the hazy shades of coral and lagoon-like shades of blue and green appeared to me! 

I think it was magic. Or maybe it was Denise (I’d like to think she’s a guiding hand in all I do.) Or maybe I should just take the credit for these “smooth like water” shades, but it just felt like everything fell perfectly into place.

Once the colors were nailed down, I started pulling the prints that felt soft, vintage, romantic, and UNIQUE. I always choose a plethora of florals and then slowly whittle them down to the perfect balance—a mix of tight calico florals, big splashy roses, and spacious botanical prints with butterfly accents! Then I find my novelties! At the beginning of the season I made a little “road map” of all the cute “character” or “conversational” prints I wanted to find and use…which was a totally new thing for me! But there was so much cuteness I wanted to cover that the list was an absolute necessity (especially for my new Mom brain)! Let’s see, we’ve crossed off unicorns, dragonflies, teacups, lemons, rainbows, donuts, bunnies, chicks, ladybugs, rain boots, umbrellas, and strawberries…and we’re just getting started!

Let me introduce you to the Spring Release No. 3 novelties that make my heart go pitter patter all over the place! First my little swans came a swimming… I haven’t worked with a swan print in YEARS, so bringing back this beautiful memory (My last collection with Denise had swans <3) in a new way was very special to me. I love their smooth Snow White bodies with apricot feathers, against the Eggshell Blue ground…surrounded by all that pretty navigate green!! And the lily pads!! Ahh…I’m a lover of details and this print takes the crown!! And when I mixed it with the soft sweater knit bodice (I love textures!) I was in heaven. The Swan Lake Dress is everything I ever dreamed of. 

Now, even more MAGICAL, we have our little mermaids!! Part of me loves this THE MOST because The Little Mermaid was hands down my favorite Disney movie growing up. You can still find me belting the words to “Part of Your World” at night when getting Margo in her pjs (she won’t stay still on her changing table unless I’m entertaining her with a tune!). So, it was a no brainer that mermaids HAD to make an appearance somewhere. The other reason I just adore this print is because their hair reminds me of Troll dolls too! I grew up loving those weird little dolls and then years later I meet Denise and she collected them growing up too. One day she brought in her entire collection for me to have. Probably a little silly, but I just loved that we were weirdos that collected these dolls 15 years a part. 

Lastly, hello watercolor brush strokes! On soft jersey knit!! When I colored this print up, I had to step back and stare. I just adore the mix of colors, and the way the distressed stripes look on a knit! Using this dreamy technicolor stripe as a superstar for this release was a snap! It begs to be an all over print, so I decided to showcase it on the comfy Betty Dress, and the knit trapeze top! 

There are SO many more details I want to tell y’all about. But I think it might be better if you just go to a Pop-Up Party and see (and FEEL) for yourself! There’s so much texture mixed into this romantic, watercolor release…ahh. My words, as rambling as they are, will not do it justice. Trust me!!

On that note….Pop-Up Parties begin TOMORROW (AND it’s a very special little lady’s 1st birthday tomorrow too…MARGO!) Fingers crossed you fall in love with this dreamy release like I have.




  • Beata Rivard
    Posted at 05:36h, 20 March Reply

    So beautifully written. Some of our first pieces of MJ back in the day were with swans. Very special indeed. Keep up the amazing work. We love everything, especially the details!

  • Ashley Davidson
    Posted at 00:14h, 20 March Reply

    I’m so excited for the swan piece you have created! Swans are a big symbol in our family of hope and faith. At the cemetery where we laid our precious daughter Charlotte Ann to rest are two swans (a male and a female) that call the cemetery home, their names are Hope and Faith. The first time I walked through the cemetery right after Charlotte passed away they were there and so comforting to me and my family. Several months later Hope and Faith had 7 eggs they were sitting on waiting on their babies to hatch. At the same time my husband and I were going through a very emotional round of IVF, desperate for a child. We found out that we too had 7 babies (embryos) later that same month. We transferred one embryo and now have our beautiful Adalyn Joy (Psalms 30).

    I also want to tell you what the beautiful Rainbow Bright dress meant to me from Release 2. It brought me so much joy to purchase. For me the rainbows on the skirt represent our beautiful rainbow baby Adalyn Joy. The lemons on the top of the dress represent “taking the sourest lemons life has to offer and turning them into something resembling lemonade” (This is Us).

    I love Wildflowers Clothing and I am so thrilled to get to dress Adalyn in these beautiful clothes that mean so much to me and the designer. ❤️

  • Nicole F.
    Posted at 15:52h, 19 March Reply

    Hello Lovely was our favorite release and now we are going crazy over these sneaks! And the new back design to the Ellie is so awesome! ❤️ It all so much Sam!

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