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It’s officially 2018 – and with a new year brings so much sparkly NEWness. NEW season, NEW colors, NEW fabrics, NEW styles! So much NEW is coming your way and, my goodness, does it feel like a breath of fresh air to me!

I’ve always believed Spring was more than just flowers, it’s filled with the magic of LIFE. Spring brings rain, gardens, and all the magical things! Everything goes into this sleepy gray slumber over the Winter and when Spring rolls around, it’s like everything wakes up! It’s a Harry Potter kind-of magic that I’ve always believed in since I was a kid. My dad really encouraged me to believe in, well, whatever I wanted to believe in. So in Spring, as soon as the snow cleared up and the grass began peeking behind the old crunchy leaves, we would always look for fairies. Every bug I saw could magically transform into a pixie in my mind. From dragonflies to lady bugs, these weren’t just little critters to me, they were little magical beings that only Spring would bring!  

My first Spring release. It’s around the corner. Do you know how nervous I am? Do you know how EXCITED I am? Denise and I always said “Spring is easy, Fall’s the tough one.” I can honestly say that was NOT true for me when I began designing Spring last April. I’ve referred to Spring as a ‘labor of love’ for a million reasons, but for one, I just had a baby! And two, I spent so many hours crying, trashing everything and starting over, over and over. Gosh I know that sounds dramatic, but heck, it WAS dramatic. If you’ve had a baby (we’re all mamas here, right?!), you know that you’re feelings are all out of whack, and everything is emphasized, so I tried my best to use those crazy emotions and put them into my designs. And like I said, I had to scrap the plan and start over a few times…but the result is something I am 100% proud of. 

I wanted you to really FEEL the difference from Fall to Spring, so I started with a fresh batch of colors. For the first time like, ever, I really wanted to use clean, bright colors…colors that screamed happiness to me! I usually lean towards what I like to call ‘dirty shades’ but not this time. I wanted lemon-y yellow to give an early nod to Easter; I wanted pearly blue dots to provide a sweet balance to all of the bright POPS, and I wanted your gal to squeal with delight upon seeing the blushing pinks and dashes of coral. 

The colors are fresh and inviting, but the prints – they capture that MAGIC I was going on and on about. Whimsical novelties are heavy in this one, and why shouldn’t they be?! Spring brings out the best in nature, people, and PRINTS! Every bit of it makes me grin from ear to ear. 

Sooooo…have you ever had one of those days? You know the days, the ones where the sun is just SHINING and everything seems to go your way!? And you show your friends love and they show it right back and honestly it just feels like the whole world makes sense?! The last year has shown me so much about myself, my family, and my team, and what I realized is I have the best day ever…all the time! How lucky is that? 

Back in August, Caroline (Creative Director) and I went to Andrea’s (Creative Strategist) wedding. She was insanely stunning, the decor was gorgeous, and the whole event felt like something out of a dream. A year before, I could never have imagined making a good enough friend to A.) be invited to her wedding, B.) to travel to Wisconsin to attend this wedding (first time leaving Margo even!), and C.) feel ALL the FEELS because…dang, I love her! I was surrounded by love at every corner! Caroline and I couldn’t believe how emotional we felt watching this gal say “I do,” but..we did. That night we were taking too many photo booth photos and I grabbed this sign to snap a pic with, and on that sign it said in big bold letters…BEST DAY EVER. That sign was the SIGN we needed! Caroline looked at me and I looked at her, and we both knew what the other was thinking (we always do). We had a name for Spring. It was perfect and it captured everything that Spring is, and everything our team is to me. 

All I know is I wanted to bottle up all those good vibes and pour them into one happy-go-lucky collection. I wanted to show you what I think it looks like to have the BEST DAY EVER. Maybe, just maybe, it will give you all the feels, too –  a reminder of one of your most joyful times, or maybe it will just add an extra dose of sweetness to your gal’s wardrobe! 

Last year, I feel like the girls and I took on the world! And honestly had the greatest time doing it. What will this year bring? What new challenges will we face as a team?! All I know is that one thing is for sure… 

We are going to have the BEST DAY EVER doing it. 


  • Jody Lund
    Posted at 06:02h, 25 January Reply

    I adore every sneak I’ve seen. I love the colors. But every time you write a blog I fall in love with r dream behind the designs. I too love the splendor of spring. I adore all the critters and life and color it brings. Especially after a long cold ND a winter. I pray I can somehow get my hands on many of these precious pieces for my nature and blue locking 3 year old daughter. I can’t fly to a pop up so fingers crossed some magical way I can still get some. Best day ever is a splendid name. It feels joyful and that’s what we all need more of in life. You nailed it

  • Cindy Pittman
    Posted at 15:03h, 04 January Reply

    I LOVE this spring collection. The colors, prints, and styles are fabulous. I adore the precious Dachshund trim. We will need every single item. Keep up the great work of making little girls look like little girls.

  • Summer H.
    Posted at 02:27h, 04 January Reply

    Can’t wait to see what you and your team have put together for our littles! My little one loves polka dots, dogs, horses, I mean really all her loves in one collection, how did you know?! She is going to squeal at the doggies, jump for the horses or unicorns, and gasp at the dots! Its pure excitement and anxiousness leading up to every pop-up! So happy for you and the Wildflowers family and feel privelaged that we’ve had the opportunity to follow you into and throughout this journey! God Bless!

  • Julia Parker
    Posted at 20:24h, 03 January Reply

    I love this story and I can’t wait for this release! I also want that piece of “Best Day Ever” art on my daughters wall!

  • Carrie Kochel
    Posted at 20:05h, 03 January Reply

    Oh my gosh…are those unicorns I spy?!?!?! Sign me up for one of each

  • Marcia carroll
    Posted at 17:37h, 03 January Reply

    Beautiful colors and designs Sam! I can’t wait to dress my Maeve up. Xoxo

  • Mindy Sarna smith
    Posted at 16:19h, 03 January Reply

    Love the sneaks! What gorgeous colors.

  • Lauren B Hobbs
    Posted at 15:55h, 03 January Reply

    As always Sam you have out done yourself. And Best Day Ever well it’s a saying my kids sing often while watching Sponge Bob. My 3 year loves running through the house carrying a butterfly net singing Best Day Ever! I wish you the best of luck with this new adventure you are on Sam! Luv baby girls name also. The name Margo is so cute! Xoxo Lauren,DeLaney & Elliston

  • Jenge Miller
    Posted at 15:25h, 03 January Reply

    So excited about about the bright colors and the details of these prints. #bringonspring

  • StateChick
    Posted at 14:23h, 03 January Reply

    Wow, I haven’t purchased any Wildflowers yet, but omgoodness…if these sneaks are any indication, that will change! 🙂

  • Melissa T
    Posted at 14:23h, 03 January Reply

    Love the colors, love the styles and Super Duper love the prints! Fingers crossed lots of things go up to 14 this season!!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 14:14h, 03 January Reply

    I love these colors! And I want a print of that “Best Day Ever” with the colors behind it!

  • Morgan Dezarn
    Posted at 14:03h, 03 January Reply

    This release looks gorgeous Sam and I am so excited to see (and buy) all the pretties for my sweet girl! Cheers to getting through winter and the NEWness of Spring!

  • Courtney wright
    Posted at 13:52h, 03 January Reply

    Hey could someone give me some insight on how your clothing works. Is it the same basis at Matilda Jane? When do you release?

    • Wildflowers
      Posted at 14:28h, 03 January Reply

      Hey Courtney! Our first Spring release is February 1st, with Pop-Up Parties beginning January 22nd and run until release day! All orders are placed through our Consultants. Please check out our web site for a list of all our Consultant’s contact information, so you can place an order!

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