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Positive Vibes

I want to tell you all about how our October photo shoot was my favorite yet. I want to tell you how thankful I am for all the amazing feedback I’ve heard on this release so far. And I want to tell you that ya’ll make my heart sing, because ya truly do. 

But first, I gotta say…despite release day, despite all the love sent our way, yesterday I was heartbroken. Heartbroken because of how senseless the horrific acts in Las Vegas were, heartbroken because of the mamas out there that lost their babies, and heartbroken because of the babies out there that lost their mamas. It took everything in me to get out of bed and go into the office. I couldn’t bear to leave Margo, so I packed up that sleepy baby and brought her with me. I couldn’t let her go! I’ve always been an empathetic girl, sensitive to a fault perhaps. Feeling ALL the feelings was just part of my core…but being a mama now myself, something in me could not shake this…CANNOT shake this. How do we heal after something like this? What can I say? Nothing more powerful, or thoughtful, than what has already been said, right? I just don’t know. I’m not trying to strike a movement here, I just know that we are all shaking our heads and asking the same questions…

The only thing I know how to do is to continue being a light in all this darkness. Sounds a little cheesy or maybe even ‘too simple’ of a response, but this is all I know. And this is something I promise to do. I won’t let myself drown in the worry, the broken heartedness (that we’re all feeling), or the fear. Or evil has won. And we have too many Wildflowers in this world to let that happen. I know might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but I also know that these frocks put smiles on so many faces…so that’s gotta count for something! 

Okay, now I want to take a deep breath and change focus, for now… Time to spread some of that light I’ve been talking about! 

And boy OH BOY, did October bring smiles. More than I can count (I’m a designer, not a math teacher, guys)! The love affair started in March when our team got their first look at what I had up my sleeve, but it didn’t end there! From first samples to receiving styles in correct fabrics the day that our Consultant Conference began, to photo shoots with my tiny but mighty team to bawling our eyes out and watching the final October video (over and over and over and over), we’ve had a crush on this pink and blue release for what feels like forever now.

I mean, there are a million things that make October special. The colors…I have never used such a tight, jewel-y toned palette before. The styles?! The reversible jumper was and IS my favorite style I’ve designed so far (of course this is subject to change, hehe). NEW fabrics…PLAID. Need I say more?! Sweater rib?!!! I would do anything to have those leggings in my size. And kitty appliqués, are you serious!? So glad Lynn suggested adding those cuties instead of regular ol’ patches! 

But the PHOTO SHOOT. That is my favorite part—of this release especially. All of our little models arrive and always run straight for the rack of pretties! Grabbing their favorites and squealing over the prints (they LOVE those ‘toto dog’s) and twirly styles (that french terry Parfait dress for the win!). It’s the first time ANYONE other than me and the team see the clothing and it always takes my breath away watching their reactions. They tell me what feels the comfiest and what makes them want to dance about. It’s like having the cutest, most candid focus group. I love it!

ANYWAY. Take a look at some of the fun behind the scenes shots Andrea took so you can see a little of the crazy magic I’m talking about! Ya’ll have heard the expression ’it takes a village’? Well my village is THE BEST. When you’re a team of 6 and you have 10 little ladies running wild through a GORGEOUS wide open event space, you need MORE than cute clothes to pull it all off. You need MAGIC, and that’s what my girls bring. Every. Single. Time. You’re probably tired of hearing me brag about them, but I would be lost without my little team (not all picture below–Mano and Caitlin are missing!). And I’d like to think they’d be lost without me…but that’s all speculation 😉.



P.S. After feeling down all day long, my good friend David sent me this video. I don’t know how he knew I needed it, but he did. I cried so hard, but for the first time all day, it was from happiness! This tiny girl is INSANELY talented and her parents are SO proud. This is the kind of light we need to spread, ya’ll!! Also, random, but if anyone knows her or how to send her a Wildflowers dress, let me know! I’d be so excited to surprise her with a smile! <3

  • Bel Portillo
    Posted at 21:13h, 03 October Reply

    Love this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amy Dyer
    Posted at 19:57h, 03 October Reply

    What a beautiful video he shared with you!! Those smiles these clothes bring, they count for so very much!! And the relationships and friendships formed over them! Beautiful job! You are a light indeed!!

  • Kasey
    Posted at 19:41h, 03 October Reply

    First, Thank you for sharing your words and your positive vibes. Second, I LOVE that little girl! I watched her all season on AGT and every single one of her performances gave me goosebumps. She is so talented and has such a beautiful little soul. She just shines!! I hope you can find her because she is such a little wildflower!

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