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A Glimpse Into October

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and Andrea (all around keeps me in check-social media guru- assistant) was on her honeymoon the past 2 weeks. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all! I swear I’ve spent most of my days recently just trying to keep up with checking our WF FB page, respond to comments, posts, and messages, while she was away! And now that she’s back, I’m saying ‘“goodbye” to the social media role I’ve been trying to fill and “hello” to what I’m good at—rambling on the blog.

SO YOU GUYS, OCTOBER IS HERE. Or at least it is in my world! Preview Pop-Up Parties for our third release of Written in the Stars have officially begun and I’m just sitting here awestruck that our first season, ever, is more than half way over with… and I just can’t believe it. A year ago, I could have never dreamed this would be happening. A year ago Wildflowers wasn’t even a thought in my brain, and now it consumes every inch of my being. And now it’s this insane real life brand that you guys seem to truly like!? With each release I feel myself being surprised, delighted, and humbled by your response, your gorgeous photos that cover my FB feed, and all the amazing outfit combinations y’all come up with that I never even thought of!! Today so many of you will get to see, touch, and feel the all the new silhouettes and fabrics of our October release. I tried a few new things this time around, and I hope you love every bit of it.

I say I tried “a few new things,” but pretty much all of this has felt beyond new to me! I know, I know I’ve designed a million dresses in my life, but I always had someone to bounce my ideas off of, or to point me in the right direction if something is feeling off. I’ve never been the LEAD in design like this (I just got business cards that even say Lead Designer…what?!?!) When I used to design, Denise almost always started the color palette herself. There are only TWO collections in my past life where I chose the colors from start to finish. Sure I would add a shade here or there, adjust a hue for a particular print, but I loved having her lead me around the pretty pantones. I felt more confident with her eyes on everything. She was/is pure gold, so I always felt safe with her watchful, creative eye directing the way we designed a collection. I never thought I’d have to design without her, without the security of knowing she approved my designs, my colors, my ideas. And now, all that’s changed. Written in the Stars is the first time I’ve ever plotted, planned, and laid out a collection for an entire season on my own. Of course my team here helped navigate the in’s and out’s of creating the brand, etc, but they really trusted me to go with my gut and design my ideal fall line, without rules or guidelines….and that’s just what I did.

I wanted each release to feel fresh and exciting, yet cohesive all at the same time. Who knows if I was able to strike that tricky balance, but I certainly tried! There are several colors threaded through Written in the Stars from beginning to end, but there’s a definite departure in the overall color palette from September to October. In my mind, August was a “back to school” release, September was my “true fall” release and October was the beginning of winter! So that gorgeous rusty shade of orange that y’all loved in September will be replaced with Blue Yonder, an almost Periwinkle-like hue that made it’s first appearance in August. I swapped out the bold raspberry color seen on the Nina Bucket Dress for a more muted magenta to strike a really smooth balance with all the cool blues and aquas. In terms of fabrics, you’ll see plenty of vintage inspired, painterly florals, sweet paisleys, and whimsical novelties from snowflakes to scotty dogs. And of course my favorite coordinate prints like playful stripes, micro dots, and a “sugarplum plaid” to top it off!

Oh!! And kitty patches. I know not everyone is a kitty obsessed person like myself. But I didn’t always like cats! I actually HATED cats. You can’t believe it, can you? I grew up with this crazy cat Sunny (EYE ROLL…SHE WAS NOTHING LIKE SUNSHINE) that would literally attack me at every turn. But almost 11 years ago, I met Mark (now hubby). This cute dirty ol’ skate rat was in love with cats and I couldn’t believe it. More specifically he was in love with a grumpy, old, lumpy cat named Deedee and I couldn’t help but MAKE myself give her a shot. If Mark could find something to love in this ol’ furball, why couldn’t I?! It took 3 years, but I finally won her over and vice-versa. Since then my cold heart towards cats thawed and turned into a mild obsession with these feline friends. And 7 years ago, I got the best kitty brothers in the world, Butters and Greasy. So now I live my life with a motto –  ‘Those who don’t like cats just haven’t met the right one yet.’ So who knows, maybe the Cat Scratch Fever Leggings will be your moment to fall in love?

I wish I had more time to create a beautiful mood board to show you how my brain kinda works or what I was thinking exactly when I was designing each release. But hopefully the designs will speak for themselves and you’ll be instantly transported to a cozy, whimsical winter scene the moment you lay your eyes on it! Oh man…I can’t wait to hear what you think. 😬


  • Jody Lund
    Posted at 09:29h, 01 October Reply

    I love love reading your blog! I love the name of the collection! I love the colors and just how you speak from the heart about your dream and passion becoming a reality. And when you say that we like it, that is a bold understatement. We are in love, head over heals just like you are with your kitty family! We can’t get enough and are so happy to support someone following their dreams and carrying on a legacy of sharing joy with others! My one and only little blessing is a girl. She just turned 3. We live on a farm in rural ND and are so happy to support you and to see my girl twirl in your pieces makes my heart swell! Here’s to a bright future written in the stars! So happy my friend shared your story with me and we got a chance to fall in love with WF too!

  • Lisa T. Coates
    Posted at 20:56h, 28 September Reply

    You are so talented! I can’t wait to see the October release on Saturday! Kentucky girls love the blue colors!

  • Amanda Lee
    Posted at 13:11h, 27 September Reply

    So excited!! This release is gorgeous!

  • Polly Brothers Johnson
    Posted at 10:39h, 27 September Reply

    Beautiful Sam!! love every piece :0

  • Suzanne Brown
    Posted at 10:10h, 27 September Reply

    I’m loving what we’ve seen so far! Can’t wait to see it all in real life Sunday at my show!

  • Gloria Bolden
    Posted at 08:41h, 27 September Reply

    I’ve fell head over heals in love with your creations and I am actually loving that I look forward to release day like I use too! My cat loving girl is definitely going to go wild over these cat leggings!

  • Melissa
    Posted at 20:59h, 26 September Reply

    It’s like you think it can’t get any better and then….BAM! It does!!

  • Amy Dyer
    Posted at 20:09h, 26 September Reply

    All the blues are beautiful!! Perfect transition from fall to winter! And I love your cat motto!!

    Posted at 18:24h, 26 September Reply

    I can’t wait to get my hands on our first Wildflower piece!!

  • Krystal Moon
    Posted at 17:51h, 26 September Reply

    Again! So gorgeous! I need that Paisley Blue for my Paisley Brooke 🙂 Can’t wait!

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