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Ready, Set, Grow!

You guys, I feel like I’ve been holding out on you..there’s so much to share about Wildflowers! It’s hard to know where to begin. And for me, it’s hard to stay on track (especially with a brand new baby in the world)! My brain is always floating from one subject to another, sometimes faster than I can follow! So be patient with me, there’s a lot more coming your way.

This all began when I was hired by Kelly’s Kids last year to style photo shoots for their three brands – Kelly’s Kids, Eleanor Rose, and Bourgeois Bebe! That’s the only reason I’m here in the first place! Lynn, the founder, had been following my story for years and had a recruiter find me! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A COMPLIMENT THAT WAS?! I couldn’t believe it when I got the message! And it came at a time when I was truly lost. I felt like a loser, my whole world wrapped up in a place I could never go back to. Receiving that message gave me hope, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. 

 The “rainbow dash” gets a giggle every time!

The original plan was for me to start designing as soon as my non-compete was up, but on the first day I was free, Lynn suggested starting a new home-party company, so I would be able to design whatever my heart desires! Basically both of us getting a chance to go back to our roots, to grow something new with everything we’ve learned the past couple years. It was a dream offer, and it still feels like a dream right now. I can’t even believe I’m blogging again?! It all feels too unreal.

You know what makes it real though? The fact that we can begin growing our Wildflowers family even more this week. That’s right, hiring for Wildflowers Consultants begins this Wednesday, April 5th! I can hardly wait. It’s like the first day of school and I’m wondering if anyone will sit next to me in class?! Will anyone want to be at my lunch table?! Omg, I hope so! 

I know Caitlin, our Sales Director, is over the moon. She’s been receiving message after message of excitement. So many people are so happy for her and BELIEVE in her, and believe in US. It all feels too good to be true. And if you want to join us, you just have to go to the website and fill out an inquiry form to start! You’ll get the chance to hear from Caitlin and learn more about the heart of our brand, the selling experience, and the Seeds of Hope we plan on spreading to children in distress. 

See? I can’t believe any of it’s real. I get to design cuteness everyday, Caitlin gets to do what she does best – hire and train quality ladies that believe in our vision for Wildflowers. And we all get to help make the world a little bit better place – all while coming to your homes and hosting pop-up parties for a convenient, cozy, and CUTE shopping experience! What could be better than that?



  • Sarah Haynes
    Posted at 14:20h, 27 February Reply

    How do you apply to become a consultant for Wildflowers Clothing? I am very interested!

  • Christy Byassee
    Posted at 14:19h, 24 May Reply

    Can you still apply. I’m really interested!☺🌸

  • Erica
    Posted at 23:32h, 16 April Reply

    I missed the consultant post and the link doesn’t work. Is there still a way?

  • Nicole Alexander
    Posted at 23:16h, 10 April Reply

    Congrats! This is exciting.

  • Abby
    Posted at 13:45h, 10 April Reply

    So glad I got to meet you that one time! I love following your journey and what you’ve done since! Congrats on your little wildflower – Margo is so sweet! Hoping to learn more about becoming a consultant, but I can’t get the link to work at this time.

  • Mary Frances Huggard
    Posted at 07:18h, 05 April Reply

    Anxiously awaiting the application to be posted! ⏱

  • Nicole Favorito
    Posted at 10:36h, 04 April Reply

    Very interested and excited! Good luck Sam!!

  • Tonya Sibert
    Posted at 21:33h, 03 April Reply

    Congrats on growning🌷Your season has arrived! Will be applying on Wednesday!

  • Alyssa Parkinson
    Posted at 17:26h, 03 April Reply

    So happy for you, Sam!

  • Libbi Duncan
    Posted at 17:07h, 03 April Reply

    I can not wait to see this new line and I feel like it would be a perfect fit to be selling it, like coming full circle ❤ I can’t wait to apply and will be prayerfully waiting for what is to follow.

  • karen j
    Posted at 17:07h, 03 April Reply

    So exciting! I love to see dreams really come true!

  • Mackenzie Mays
    Posted at 17:05h, 03 April Reply

    Me, me!

  • Rena Morrow
    Posted at 17:03h, 03 April Reply

    Sam!!! Im so excited for you and you’re beautiful family! I would love to be apart of the growing group! How do we apply?!

    • sam
      Posted at 19:08h, 03 April Reply

      Thank you so much Rena! 🙂 The form will be posted on our web site on Wednesday!

  • Amanda ottaviano
    Posted at 16:58h, 03 April Reply

    Oh Sam! I cannot wait to see your vision!!! I know that it will not disappoint and I am already exploding with excitement for you to start this new, but not so new journey! It’s what we have all been waiting on! I can’t wait to apply 😊😊😊

  • Cathy Morency
    Posted at 16:51h, 03 April Reply

    I would like to apply please!!!

  • Sarah Driscoll
    Posted at 16:41h, 03 April Reply

    So excited for your adventure and that you are in Austin, my home town! I didn’t see an inquiry form on the website, will it be on Wednesday?

    • sam
      Posted at 19:05h, 03 April Reply

      Yes, it will be there Wednesday! 🙂

  • Nicole Gregory
    Posted at 16:40h, 03 April Reply

    How very exciting! Love the Rainbow Dash, get your shot girl! XOXO
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts!!!

  • Shari
    Posted at 16:38h, 03 April Reply

    Oh Sam this is super tempting!!! 💚🌼🌻🌺🌸🌹

  • Shacie Fielder
    Posted at 16:33h, 03 April Reply

    I am definitely applying. I am so very happy for you. And this just feels like a breathe of fresh air….: but with a familiar scent 😘💕

  • Rya Hibbard
    Posted at 16:25h, 03 April Reply

    Sam!!!! I can’t wait, what a blessing to anyone who gets to be apart of your team.

  • Kim Vigier
    Posted at 16:25h, 03 April Reply

    This is just so exciting! I don’t see an inquiry form on the website? Am I missing it or will be it be posted on Wednesday?

    • sam
      Posted at 19:06h, 03 April Reply

      It will be posted on Wednesday! 🙂

  • Krystal
    Posted at 16:23h, 03 April Reply

    So exciting! I can’t wait!

  • Danielle Fowler
    Posted at 16:13h, 03 April Reply

    Wildflowers is such a perfect name for your cute company. I’ve also been following you and Denise forever. Please tell me more about Wildflowers. I’d love to bloom with you ✌🏻🌸

    • sam
      Posted at 19:15h, 03 April Reply

      Danielle – thank you, that means so much! Well, you’re in the right place to learn more! We’ll be sharing so much more on the blog in the coming months! We’ll be posting the inquiry form for consultants on Wednesday on our web site too if that interests you! 🙂

  • Polly Brothers Johnson
    Posted at 16:10h, 03 April Reply

    Congrats Sam!! So happy for you!! XO

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